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50th Anniversary – Rolex 24 Hours (Part 2)

February 4, 2012  |  by four  |  Automotive Events, Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

This is the second installment of my Rolex 24 hours coverage. I have over 1000 pictures taken – but I feel without actually telling you what each individual picture is from or what time of day, it really doesn’t make sense to post a 600 panning shots, So instead I just picked through a few and put them together for a post. Sorry for the extremely long post – but I wanted to get out a good sample size.

Autocon – Coverage

December 11, 2011  |  by four  |  Automotive Events  |  1 Comment

What do you get when you mix edwin and a car show? give up? You get banana man! So I decided to go to Autocon and meet up with a couple friends from norcal and socal. When all of sudden the famous John Zhang (1013MM) asked me to put on, you guessed it, the Banana suit! So I walked around with the banana suit the whole day of taking pictures, was sweaty as hell! but that didn’t stop from guys/girls from asking if they can get a pic with me. One asking me to post inside his car sticking out my banana head out of the sunroof! But I’m not gonna lie I had to get a pic with the nicely tanned Roxy Ayala. I think Roxy might of thought i was stalking her! I wasn’t (hahaha) I just wanted another pic! And it payed off! The pic looks awesome! So with the show ending soon, I decided to put the camera away and walk on stage to give the crowd a little show! Doing the peanut butter jelly dance and dropping it like its hot to about 50 disgusted faces (hahaha). Just wanna make a big banana shout out to Lee Ho, JDM sport, Wrong Fitment Crew, Royal Origin, Lowballers, Socalevo, and the people that made AutoCon possible, for having an awesome show! Definitely going next year! Check the Gallery for more pictures!

Full Gallery : Click here!

Photos & Words by TeamV2LAB’s Own Edwin Castillo


* The Gallery is complete sensory overload – Ravi

SEMA 2011 Coverage part 2

November 4, 2011  |  by Av  |  Automotive Events  |  1 Comment

For those who missed part 1 of the coverage you can find it —>>V2LAB Sema Coverage Part 1

At SEMA you will find an assortment of modded cars that you will not see out in the wild; it is what makes this show so special. Some of the cars you find at the show will not be of your liking, but you have to admire the superb quality of each of these cars.

The maniac who put clear wheels and LEDs all over this R8 truly has a unique taste of his own. To top it off it was either painted chrome or actually polished. All in all it is quality work and it was quite the attraction at SEMA.

Above is someone taking shaved engine bays to a new level. The only thing the owner left visible was the H22 Honda Engine without a single spec of dirt on it.

This transformer above is what is known as a “Mosler MT900 GTR XX Twin Turbo Land Shark”. You can be certain to almost never see one out on the streets, but if you do consider yourself very lucky. The MT900 sports no less than 2500 HP from its V8. If you want to read more on this beast click here : Mosler MT900

Another big thanks to our photographer Shelbi Clark on the west coast for providing us with some more coverage. Stop by and check out her flickr –> Here

The full gallery from this segment can be viewed below.

SEMA 2011 Coverage

November 2, 2011  |  by Av  |  Automotive Events  |  2 comments

For those who aren’t sure what SEMA is, it’s the show of all shows. It’s held in Vegas every year, and it’s where every one comes out to play. This show is so big it takes a couple of days to see everything. It is a show everyone needs to attend once in their life, unfortunately it is not open to the public. With last year having over 50,000 buyers attending, you can be assured this year will be even bigger.

Luckily we had a friend living in Vegas that was just happening to attend the show. A big thanks from V2lab to Shelbi Clark for agreeing to shoot for us at the last moment; we are very grateful. You can see her work at –> Here

This car is a 350z body with many different body parts from cars, ranging from a s2k mugen lip to Porsche Panamera Taillights, sporting some VIP Modular wheels. You can truly admire the craftsmanship that took place to piece this car together.

Spotted was a beautiful Ksport 350z, sporting the KSport Orange that they are known for.

Sitting pretty was the infamous Minty Fresh 350z.

One of RWB’s American Debut cars sporting a super wide set of Rotiform’s. We can only hope we start seeing a bunch of these floating across the country.

It is quite hard to cover an event of this magnitude, so I the best way to experience it is to let the pictures speak for themselves. You can view the full gallery:

–>> V2lab SEMA2011 Gallery

Stay tuned for more coverage in the following days.

Festivals of Speed – Jetport Reception

October 10, 2011  |  by four  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

This year Festivals of Speed was postponed due to the weather not being suitable for the outdoor event. So as far as coverage Christopher Brut was kind enough to send us over some coverage from the Jetport Reception, An exclusive night time, upscale club-like event for all the drivers to get together and have a party in an air plane hanger before the main show.

Click Here for Full Gallery Via Christopher’s SmugMug

Photography by : Christopher Brut

Cars for the Cure – Lake Mary February 2011

February 6, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

The Lung Cancer Association threw their annual event in Lake Mary to raise money for lung related research and awareness. I believe they raised some where near 100 thousand dollars by the end of the day.

If you’ve never been to this event you can donate any amount of money (and so long as you’re over 21 years old) you can get a wrist band and drink all day long for ‘free’.

Check out the gallery for more pictures.



September 4, 2010  |  by ravi  |  News  |  2 comments

(WRX: upcoming PAS Mag Feature & Delorean: Zoom Magazine – 2jz swapped Feature)

Just updated my personal portfolio with a New Layout & some new photos! I am also hoping to have new model shoots updated very soon.

Check it out here : RaviAngard.com


V2LAB : Fashion Shoot – Anissa & Shyla Starr

September 1, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Fashion  |  No Comments

For anyone that didn’t know we shoot all types of photography. Here are two fashion related photos that I shot yesterday at the beach of models (Shyla Starr & Anissa).

For bigger versions of these images please visit My Flickr or for other images visit Troy Huynh’s Flickr page.


Hot Import Nights / Nopi – Miami

August 16, 2010  |  by Troy  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Hot Import Nights merged with Nopi this year in order to try and rekindle what was left of the car show scene. They even added their mix to the show with other racing events and such. Needless to say this year they’ve had their share of problems from rained out shows to angry contestants. I personally think that if you really have a complaint be rational about it, if you don’t want to be rational then you try running such a show on your own and see how it goes based on certain uncontrollable variables. I am by no means saying that the shows have been perfect, but it is a new group and it will take time to build, and in order for it to grow what it needs most is support from enthusiasts. They went ahead and prepared for the unforgiving Florida weather by at the last minute moving the show indoors. Now I am sure this cost them a pretty penny, but it shows that they are listening to the people and really trying to become a stronger show overall.

In my opinion the show went smooth, especially for last minute changes. The caliber of cars could have been much stronger, but once again that is an uncontrollable variable. When you say car show there are a ton of people whom just start “gluing” stuff to their car per say. Nonetheless there were some clean cars and a lot of hard work and dedication all around the board from those who enters.

I didn’t have a problem with how the show was ran particularly. They did an awesome job with the eye candy and were pretty prompt with the awards. Other than that ill just keep this positive because we need to keep the scene positive. The negatives at this point are just nit picks and really irrelevant. Who really came to just see Yung Joc? lol…

Check out the gallery of pics below (Bikini contest was on point)

Photos by Troy Huynh & Danh Le

State of Stance (South Fl)

May 30, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  2 comments

State of Stance – West Palm / Delray Beach, Florida

Great show & Awesome mix of cars ranging from monster street cars to HellaFlush’d to a few ehh cars – but everything was all in good fun.

Oh and it was HOT!!!! – but at least no rain!

State of Stance Gallery – Click

*now updated with 150+ more photos (June 2nd 2010)


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