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Elby x Team V2LAB

January 30, 2012  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

*click to enlarge

Just needed to shoot something to test out a few things – came up with these shots of Elby’s car. Trying to develop some techniques into more. Definitely a lot happier with the first image than the second image.


Jason’s DC2 x Team V2LAB

October 5, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc., Features  |  No Comments

Jason’s Acura Integra has been around since 1995 – Killing the scene! He literally bought the car brand new from the dealership and has been modding ever since. The car currently has a 96 spec Type R motor swap; and produces a solid 210whp & 146tq (naturally aspirated, no nitrous). The car was purpose built to run down Corvettes and Lotuses around the road course. And without further interruption;

Photos & Words: (Me) Ravi Angard

The Legendary CRX : Phat Rides x Team V2LAB

August 17, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc., Features  |  1 Comment

Some of you may think – this is just another Right hand drive CRX or just another Honda, but the history behind this car runs deep. Years ago there was a video called “The Pursuit of Function” explaining real JDM and why these dudes were building cars the way they were; instead of the typical aesthetic route (of body kits and giant rims – which was popular then; the equivalent to the present day stance scene). This car was one of the featured cars. When Carlos from Phat Rides picked up this CRX it was completely destroyed with mis-matched parts and over-all just hurt. To this day the car is being restored little by little and Carlos is a perfectionist – so in the coming months you will see the evolution unfold at shows and events, until then enjoy these photos.

Quick Stats on the car: Built B16 (with Type R everything), shaved/tucked bay, glass roof, & Work Equip wheels (specs coming soon).

Photos by Ravi Angard & Garrett Wade


TurboGixxer Tuning by Straighthype Media

July 27, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

Our very own Team V2lab member (and Straighthype Media Owner) put together this dope promo video of his car being tuned by TurboGixxer Tuning! Check it out


Kindred Impulse : Fit

April 10, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  3 comments

This Honda Fit has been a working progress, for almost two yrs now, the build has been a very clean build, he has been very picky on making sure the parts mesh together, from the JDM Honda Jazz tail lights all the way down to the Work Emotions XD9′s (17×7) in a Work metal buff finish. With some JDP Carbon parts to compliment the car, it really gives the Fit an aggressive look. Jacksonville, Team Kindred Impulse.

Words by Andy Kim
Photos by JMoney

Supercharged Honda CR-Z

August 14, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Videos  |  1 Comment

Put this car on the track and lets see what happens!

Norm Reeves Honda Car Show & Toy Drive 2009

August 14, 2010  |  by Wes  |  Videos  |  No Comments

Old Video But One Of My Fav’s


Featured – Team Sunworks Acura Rsx-S

June 17, 2009  |  by ravi  |  Features  |  7 comments

Anyone can build a Honda – parts are readily available at your neighborhood Wal-Mart it seems, but building a Show-Winning, Track ready Honda takes a special breed of people. Team Sunworks is of that Breed. They’ve built several successful Show & Track ready cars. Meet Troy’s Acura Rsx Type S. Hands down one of the cleanest RSX’s on the street filled with rare goodies from it’s S2000 gauge cluster set up to the Work VS-XX wheels. Troy’s Rsx started its life out as a 2004 (early model RSX) and was converted over to the 05-06 body style as of earlier this year.

From the outside of the car you will immediately notice the Mugen lips on the front and rear – along side the A-spec side skirts all complimented by a Mugen Style Seibon Hood and Type R spoiler. Move down to the wheels and you’ll find 17×9 Work Wheels tucked neatly under the fenders by Buddy Club N+ coilovers. Poking through the mesh wheels is a big brake upgrade from Rotora (you can’t miss the tealish color).

The interior of the car wasn’t left alone for long either, the two stock Recaro RSX seats were replaced by two Red Bride Brix 2 seats and the rear seats were wrapped in Bride material – special ordered straight from Bride. Even the gauge cluster was replaced with a fully functional S2000 digital cluster. If you’re a real Honda enthusiast you will immediately notice all the interior pieces have been replaced with their jdm “type-r” counterparts as well unless you were busy watching a movie on the pioneer Avic-3 in-dash.

The k20a2 has been modified with the essentials, Fujitsubo Exhaust, Injen Intake, RBC Intake Manifold coupled with the Hondata gasket, a Buddy Club Race header, Braille Lightweight Battery and a hoard of other jdm goods.

Inside and out this Car has been proven to shut down the Acura Class at car shows – Make sure you look out for it in the future along side the rest of the TEAM SUNWORKS cars.

Mods List
Engine and Bay: Type R Valve Cover, Type R Spark Plug Cover, JDM Dipstick, JDM Fuse, Box Cover, Authentic Mugen Front Strut Bar, Authentic Mugen Oil Cap, Authentic, Mugen Radiator Cap, Mugen Socks, Buddy Club Race Header, Injen CAI, RBC Intake Manifold, Hondata IMG, Fujitsubo RM01A, Braille 15 Lb. Carbon Fiber Battery with mount kit, Red ESMM, Password JDM Hood dampers, Password JDM Fender Washers

Exterior: 02-04 to 05-06 complete conversion, Type R wing with mini decklid, Mugen Front Lip, Mugen Rear Lip, Aspec Sides, Seibon CF Hood, Rear Integra Badge, Retro Solutions Digital HID’s, JDM Tail lights, JDM Window Visors, JDM Power Folding Mirrors
JDM Front and Rear Honda Badges

Wheels and Suspension and Brakes: Rotora BBK Front, Rotora Rear Rotors, Buddy Club N+ Coilovers, Buddy Club Lug Nuts, Work VS-XX first gen 17×9 +35, HR spacers with extended studs all around, Ingalls front and rear camber kits, Em2 front sway bar

Interior and Electronics: S2000 Gauge Cluster from an AP1, Hondata Kpro, Pioneer Avic-D3, Custom Black A pillars, Bride Brix 2 Fronts, Bride wrapped rear seats, JDM Dc5 Momo Steering Wheel, JDM Red Floor mats, JDM Door panels, JDM Center console, JDM Ebrake, JDM Door sills, JDM shift boot, Skunk 2 Shift Knob, Mugen Mirror Cover, 1 Kicker Solo Baric 12 L7, 1 Kicker 700.1 mono amp, Kicker components and tweeters

Ravi (photography + words)

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