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Import FaceOff – Bradenton 2012

January 26, 2012  |  by four  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Everyone always asks for a Stanced-Saturn; So here’s a stanced, boosted Saturn.

Because wire-tucked K20′s never get old <3

Karla Molina

Congrats to our friend Ceejay Mendez in his All Motor CRX, winning his Class.

Congrats to our sponsor Kings Performance for winning in their class and breaking back into the 8s in their Evo.

And Congratulations goes out to Kindred Impulse on winning Best Team at IFO-Bradenton, We’ll see you guys at the next on in Gainesville

Full Gallery – Click Here


South Beach Classic

October 26, 2011  |  by Garrett  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Just about a week and a half ago now I traveled down to South Florida for the inaugural South Beach Classic event at Homestead. More Ferrari’s than could be counted filled the track for 2 full days of these cars being used how they should be. Everything from full-blown race cars to ones with fresh off the showroom floor.

Words arn’t really needed when we are talking about Ferrari’s on a track so on to the pics!


All Florida G2G (Orlando)

September 17, 2011  |  by four  |  Automotive Events  |  3 comments

Some very beautiful cars out today! – Check out our gallery (click) for this event to see what we have so far, with even more photos coming soon!

And of course if you haven’t done so, don’t forget to “LIKE” the V2Lab friend and fanpage!

Someone find me a picture of the death bump that was owning everyone!


Kings Performance x Dyno Time (20% OFF)

July 30, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

20% Off Dyno time at Kings Performance – Just print this image and bring it in! Limit one per visit!

Photo & Flyer by V2LAB


Remembering Duston Wainwright

July 3, 2011  |  by Dipz  |  News  |  1 Comment

You can describe Duston Wainwright as being one of the most great, warm and kind gentlemen you’ll ever meet. He embodied a positive, clean spirit and re-defined the term “best friend”. When he wasn’t busy assisting you with your motor build, or helping you find your keys because you’re too drunk to remember where you placed them, Duston was effortlessly opening his arms to welcome friends and strangers alike. With clever and funny one-liners such as “We have to fit an elephant through the eye of a needle!”, Duston had no need to sell himself to you; in fact you bought him when he flashed his first smile in your direction. From a stranger’s standpoint, when you glance at his FaceBook page, you can’t help but feel jealous that you weren’t able to have been touched by him in your life like all his friends and family have been. He may be a fallen angel, but Duston will forever watch over us all.

Check out a few images from the charity event that was held. (click)

Special thanks goes out to Kevin and Richard Lawrence, as well as CARisma, LLC for organizing the charity event. They are still collecting donations and contributions in assisting Duston’s family. Please contact Chris or Gina Wade at CARisma, LLC to see what you may provide and how it can help.

You may contact them via CARisma, LLC at:
6124 Hanging Road
Suite #300
Orlando, FL 32807

You may also call them directly: (321) 244 – 0159.
All this information is available at their website:


V2LAB x ECAF PreOrders!

June 9, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Fashion  |  No Comments

Click images for a full view!

Pre Order your East Coast As F*ck shirt online right now in our store! http://store.v2lab.com/

Formula D at PBIR!! – UPDATED**

June 5, 2011  |  by Dipz  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Yes, it finally happened! Here at Versiontwo Laboratory, we previously discussed and have been following the progress of the three major national drifting events effecting our local drivers. We had, last month, Formula Drift (FD / Formula D) in Atlanta, GA. Immediately following the same, Xtreme Drift Circuit (XDC) rocked the foundations of central Florida with a drifting show they had never seen before. Now, on this date, history was made when Formula D made its premier debut to its first Florida venue: Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR)! We were excited to travel to South Florida to experience firsthand the remarkable finish by Team Falken Tire, in which drivers Pawluck, Gittin Jr., and D-Mac respectively nabbed the top three positions. During the periodical breaks, fans were given the opportunity to mingle with their favorite International driving heroes while also watching in wonder as new local stars were being born through the Pro-AM series program.

Be sure to check out the Gallery of where we’ve been! (click)

What was your favorite thing about Formula D at PBIR? Let us know!


XDC/REMIX – Orlando, Florida

May 9, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  1 Comment

The Versiontwo Laboratory Crew will be out in full force for this event! Make sure you come check out all the cars from all over the state coming out to represent! There will be drifting, sliding, madness, a ridiculous car show, big booty women, and other women!

Something you shouldn’t miss!
Sunday – May 15th 2011!!

RSVP On Facebook : Click Here


AEG – April 16th

April 20, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Full Gallery : Click Here

Photos by Chad Donohoe of C12 Productions | Flickr

AEG put on a well organized event and was packed with very clean rides. Can’t wait to see the next event they throw – Chad



March 29, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events, News  |  9 comments

More thank you’s and links to everyone!

Special thanks to Kings Performance for coming out and helping us at V2LAB & Always supporting our projects!!

Team V2LAB!!! We debuted the brand new Team in Full for the first time all the cars were together! Hope everyone got a glimpse of what’s in store for up coming car shows! We go hard in the paint!!

Special thanks to Jordan Donnelly (slammed white gti) for coming out early, staying late and doing so much great behind the scenes work. If you don’t know yet – Jordan is a huge part of the V2LAB Family.

Phat Rides – For helping me in the beginning and showing tons of support – The illest RHD-CRX in the game! Call them up if you need any parts!

The Boost Lab – For helping with promotions & bringing out one of the most beautiful Supra’s in Florida!

All of South Florida for coming up and showing the quality of RIDICULOUS rides from down there!!

State of Stance: These guys are for real! I want to thank them for helping promote & push the event to another level! These dudes went hard and brought out some of the sickest cars Florida has to offer! Shout out to Leo & Frank!

FunkFashion: If you took a moment to stop staring at Noah’s Candy Civic – Then you realized that Funk Fashion was bangin’ out shirts in the background! These dudes are hardcore – they got the car finished that morning and brought it down from Jax! Btw, Jacksonville has some of the dopest cars in the world – They put on a show by themselves! Anyways don’t forget to show your love and support Funk Fashion! Thank you for all the promotion!

: Vishal, Kj, and Nick at Speedzone helped us at V2LAB put together stickers, banners, and my transmission and everything in between before this show! Speedzone can and will find you parts at great prices! So hit them up – Whatever you need!

Jazmin’s Cupcakes!

RezMoto: Thank you guys for all the promotion! Every V-dub these guys brought out – makes you want to bag your car! Sick!! (and of course you can use Josh’s Air Salon to do it!)

Dj Rincon: Resident Dj at Tavern on the Lake – Alex got us the spot and spun all day long! He’s the one who pushed me to throw the meet. Dj Rincon is a strong part of V2LAB and helps push our media development to new heights. Hope everyone who got his Mp3 Cd enjoyed them – 5 hours of legit music! V2LAB RINCON!

Everyone who came! These events wouldn’t be anything without you guys! I want to thank everyone that came out and showed love! The meet was WAY bigger than we ever expected it to be! We were expecting the meet to be around 500-550 cars – which is about as big as the main lot can hold. We blew those #’s out of the water and over 1400 cars showed up! We filled the main parking lot (over 500 cars), the side parking lot of 100 cars, the upper deck area (to over look the meet) – all the way to the next street and around the buildings, and into the Shopping Center Parking lots!! People came from everywhere! I heard Washington State, Rhode Island, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and MORE!!! Everyone at V2lab had a great time and we can not wait to throw an even bigger more ridiculous meet next time! We are planning on some serious surprises and hope to exceed everyone’s expectations again!

We also would like to thank everyone else who helped promote the meet, Tavern on the Lakes for having us, Scott (Kaldes) for directing traffic & LAST BUT NOT LEAST – All my personal close friends who helped me all day long and The Biggest help for this entire meet and the beautiful woman who ran the V2LAB Booth all day – My Girl Friend Nalanie! Follow her on Twitter It will make her happy! :D

Hope everyone had a great time!

Photos by our Staff: Dipz, Troy, & Jordan

Some photos weren’t posted yet due because they were sent to a magical places; ____insert mystery magazines___ – we’ll keep you updated :P on that in the near future

Here is Our (v2lab) first Gallery of photos! We’re expecting more soon!

Ravi Angard
Versiontwo Laboratory

Don’t forget to buy shirts, stickers, and everything else! This is how we make our dreams a reality! –> V2LAB Store

HellaFlush / Fatlace : http://fatlace.com/society/slammedsociety/hellaflush/v2labs-big-meat-florida/

— Photo Links
Cb9Wagon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cb9wagon/with/5565595961/
Ej8Squad : Don Fico : http://www.ej8squad.com/thread-18422.html
Orlandoforums : http://www.orlandoforums.com/forum/automotive-gatherings-events/151842-v2lab-i-think-im-big-meat-5.html
Omaliyo : http://www.flickr.com/photos/omaliyo/sets/72157626242053067/
Tom Byrne : http://www.flickr.com/photos/idowerk/sets/72157626250627337/
Adam Stastny : http://www.flickr.com/photos/44132672@N08/sets/72157626369847212/
Lucas Pizzagalli : http://www.flickr.com/photos/61125488@N06/sets/72157626369738958/
David Lewis : https://picasaweb.google.com/116853293946199942108/V2LabSBIGMEAT?authkey=Gv1sRgCM-2j_mtuvCrzwE&feat=directlink#
Daniel Kelley : http://s10.photobucket.com/albums/a126/lpfan989/V2%20Lab%20Big%20Meat/
I Love Driving Slow : http://www.flickr.com/photos/djdorifto/sets/72157626251857629/
Jeff Littlefield (TTL) : http://ttlphotography.smugmug.com/Cars/V2-Lab-Big-Meat/16386960_vjaJB#1232307442_x3FEx
Manuel Soto (Steezy sIIk) – Team Sunworks! : http://www.flickr.com/photos/steezysiik/sets/72157626255959471/
Danny Baque : http://www.flickr.com/photos/35357723@N05/sets/72157626368963264/
Jameel Khan : http://www.flickr.com/photos/61193692@N04/sets/72157626382100120/
Lafa Brito : http://www.flickr.com/photos/lafaphotography/sets/72157626368891688/
Infinite Sounds / Jon Jat : http://www.flickr.com/photos/54373419@N08/sets/72157626384412556/
Hips&Whips : http://hipsandwhips.com/?p=192
Culture Climax : http://www.cultureclimax.com/events/photos-2/v2-lab-car-show-photos
CaniBeat : http://www.canibeat.com/2011/03/v2lab%E2%80%99s-big-meat-3-27-11/
JustStance : http://www.juststance.com/events/v2labs-big-meat/
Melvin P (GarageSpec) : http://garagespec.net/v2-lab-car-meet
State Of Stance : http://stateofstance.com/2011/03/30/v2labs-big-meat/

— Got more pictures? or Galleries online? Shoot em’ over!

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iLoveDrivingSlow.com x 8thCivic.com Meet

March 12, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  2 comments

Team V2LAB : Best of Show Civic Ek20-SC

Ilovedrivingslow.com x 8thCivic.com

Full Gallery of Images & Cars


Winter Jam – 2011 (Part 1)

February 26, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

We made a trip out to the beach to visit the annual Volkswagen Event, Winter Jam. We have half the photos up today and we’ll have the rest up tomorrow night!

First Gallery Available Here.


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