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Elby x Team V2LAB

January 30, 2012  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

*click to enlarge

Just needed to shoot something to test out a few things – came up with these shots of Elby’s car. Trying to develop some techniques into more. Definitely a lot happier with the first image than the second image.


Team V2LAB : One Honda Dollar

April 5, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

Easily one of the most detailed and ridiculous transformations to ever be documented.

The beginning:

The Stripping:

After some Toda, Spoon, & Skunk2 Parts ( I know – I kept this part short – you have to go into the build thread to really break down what went on – it’s definitely worth the read )

Things start coming together a little bit more – Fast Forward A bit, some Wire Tucking action :

A little more progress to where it is now the monster with the golden engine is here

Check out the entire build thread with TONS of photos of everything that went into this beautiful Machine.

Click here : Full Thread


Skwirt’s Preview & Build Thread

February 20, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  2 comments

Check out Adam’s full BBS RS build thread : http://www.v2lab.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=144

a lot of winning.


Huey’s Civic Si – Updated

January 20, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

(click to see this big – view the rest on Fatlace!)

Full Set : Fatlace Superdumped Feature

Custom Work VS-XX : 17 x 9 +15 with 205/40/17 (Stretched)


Huey’s Civic Si

January 9, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

> http://www.raviangard.com

Had a good time hanging out with some homies today shooting Huey’s Civic Si – Beautiful car on some dope teal bbs’s. Look out for a few more pictures popping up over the next few days of this car!


Tech – K20 Swapped Civic (by T.Ali)

November 4, 2009  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  2 comments

It has been a long road coming. Myself, Tommy Ali aka Amimaxima and my good friend (the owner of the eg) Jim Mergl aka Jdm Son! have gone through a lot with this car. It’s a 92 vx eg hatch. Jim found it for sale on Autotrader in Miami with a high compression b20/vtec with a built head. The owner said it had a bent valve. We took a long drive to Miami to purchase the car.

When we got back home the first thing we did was rip off the head. To our surprise the motor had four broken valves. The head was completely trashed and one piston was destroyed, Jim got another vtec head, new valve train, new pistons, new rings and new bearings. We went to assemble the new parts into the b20 block and Jim noticed a crack on one of the sleeves! WTF could it get any worse. We had to get a new head and a new block. We got a hold of another b20 block and assembled the block. At this point we had a high compression b20 block and a built b16 head. For some random reason Jim decided to trade the high compression b20 block for a low compression ls block he now wanted to do a turbo setup. A few days later he decided he didn’t want to do a turbo setup. This kid changes his mind more than a girl changes clothes.

Jim sold the LS low compression block and he also sold the built b16 head. He came across what appeared to be a good deal on a jdm ctr b16b. Jim put that in the EG and it smoked like a mofo! Come to find out that”good deal” had bad piston rings. Took the ctr motor out and sold it as needing new rings. At this point Jim just needed to get the car running so he purchased a bone stock b16a2. We swapped that into the EG and it was slow as shit, sohc slow! We rocked that for awhile, got beat by a few people….. it sucked. I had a set of jdm itr red recaros in my bedroom that I would sit in and play halo 3 with Ravi and no scope him in the face. Since day one when I got the seats Jim begged me to buy the seats and I always said no. Finally I gave in and sold them to him. Now the car was outfitted with a stock b16a2, red recaros and white TE37′s, it was looking minty. Jim picked up a Vortech supercharger, we installed that on the b16a2 and we both looked at each other and said “WOW THIS SUCKS LOL”. We were both used to turbo setups and being able to up boost on the fly. Finally Jim was sick of being slow. He started off by selling the supercharger, then the Recaros, the white TE37′s and finally the b16a2. It was time for a change.

With all the acquired money for pretty much selling everything off of the car Jim came to me and said it’s K time. I immediately knew what he was talking about. I got on the phone with Hybrid-Racing, K-tuned and Karcepts. I ordered all the swap parts that we were going to need. Next I ordered motor. In the time we were waiting for the motor and the parts to come in we started taking the car apart. Both of us decided to gut the car, do a brake tuck and paint the bay. Everything came out of the inside of the car. The only thing that’s left inside the car is a gutted dash and two seats. I convinced Jim to let me paint the bay gold and the two of us knocked out the brake tuck. It was like Christmas when parts started arriving. The parts list included : Hybrid Racing billet motor mounts, Hybrid Race Header, Hybrid Swap harness base model axels, Hondata intake manifold gasket, Hybrid throttle body adapter, ep3 pulley setup, Rbc intake manifold k-tuned fuel rail, k-tuned heater block offs, k-tuned coolant temp sensor adapter, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator,  Karcepts shifter plate, Karcepts radiator bracket, aem cold air intake, 3 inch exhaust and hondata kpro. We completed everything that we could with the parts that we had, we were at a stand still waiting for the motor to come in. FINALLY over night parts from japan, THE MOTOR WAS HERE! Time to get vtec’n. We worked on getting the motor in and all the bug worked out. Finally it was alive. We got it out on the road did a little part throttle tuning and finally we got around to wot runs and we both looked at each in awe. We were both amazed, holy shit we both said. Who would have thought low 200 hp could be so fast.

We spent the next few days getting the tune right. We took it out the Saturday night meet and everyone couldn’t stop talking about it, everyone loved it. Jim raced a few people that night. First to get beat was a 330hp turbo Gsr EK hatch, next was a 96 Cobra on the bottle he got it dirty and finally an Evo 8. Since running the car for the first time everyone respects the car and a lot of the big dogs want to run. It’s funny to walk by a group of people and hear them talking, saying “damn that red k swapped EG hatch is freakin’ fast as hell.” It’s a good feeling for both of us to hear what people think about the car and to know that it can hold its own on the streets. It was a long journey building this car with my friend Jim but it was well worth it.


Max Power – Steve's Civic Cover Feature

July 27, 2009  |  by ravi  |  Features  |  3 comments

We’d like to congratulate Steve of V2lab UK on this month’s Max Power Cover Feature (B18C4 Civic Coupe). It will be available on stands August 2nd, 2009. Be sure the pick up a copy at your local Book Store!

Steve also runs Civiclife.net (the biggest UK Civic Owners forum)

Click the Large image to see the cover, and the thumb nails to see larger versions of the photos.


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