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Festivals of Speed – Orlando

October 10, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

After years and years of missing this show for whatever reasons, I finally made it out today and I was completely shocked at how many cars & people showed up. The show is definitely very well put together and I am excited to go to the next one. For next year, I hope we see more twin turbo Ferrari’s! (This year the twin turbo Lamborghinis really stole the show).

Click Here to visit the Full Gallery

Ravi (v2)

Hot Import Nights / Nopi – Miami

August 16, 2010  |  by Troy  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Hot Import Nights merged with Nopi this year in order to try and rekindle what was left of the car show scene. They even added their mix to the show with other racing events and such. Needless to say this year they’ve had their share of problems from rained out shows to angry contestants. I personally think that if you really have a complaint be rational about it, if you don’t want to be rational then you try running such a show on your own and see how it goes based on certain uncontrollable variables. I am by no means saying that the shows have been perfect, but it is a new group and it will take time to build, and in order for it to grow what it needs most is support from enthusiasts. They went ahead and prepared for the unforgiving Florida weather by at the last minute moving the show indoors. Now I am sure this cost them a pretty penny, but it shows that they are listening to the people and really trying to become a stronger show overall.

In my opinion the show went smooth, especially for last minute changes. The caliber of cars could have been much stronger, but once again that is an uncontrollable variable. When you say car show there are a ton of people whom just start “gluing” stuff to their car per say. Nonetheless there were some clean cars and a lot of hard work and dedication all around the board from those who enters.

I didn’t have a problem with how the show was ran particularly. They did an awesome job with the eye candy and were pretty prompt with the awards. Other than that ill just keep this positive because we need to keep the scene positive. The negatives at this point are just nit picks and really irrelevant. Who really came to just see Yung Joc? lol…

Check out the gallery of pics below (Bikini contest was on point)

Photos by Troy Huynh & Danh Le

Norm Reeves Honda Car Show & Toy Drive 2009

August 14, 2010  |  by Wes  |  Videos  |  No Comments

Old Video But One Of My Fav’s


Mastro Subaru FREE car show, yes FREE.

April 17, 2010  |  by Troy  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

It was another scorching day in the sunshine state, but thanks to Mastro Subaru out in Sanford there were food and refreshments to cool things down, best of all it was free! It was a smaller crowd but quality and all around nice people. Not only was there free food but there was a free car show in which there were trophies given out for multiple categories.

This was good because nowadays you have these shows charging tons of money for minimal quality. It was nice to see someone step up and help out, allowing people of all makes and models just to show up and possibly walk away with a trophy.

Also best of luck to the new driver of the ESX motorsports subaru at Battle of the Imports, can’t wait to see their 8 second Subaru in action at the track!

Pics below.

Full Gallery < click here >

Ultra Evolution

March 30, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

On Sunday March 28th, we took a trip out to Tampa to attend the Ultra Evolution car show and support our friends at Team SSP. The car show was a lot of fun and there was a good turn out. Even though it rained a good bit of the day, everyone had a great time playing pool and talking inside the Peabody. We’re all excited to see what’s next for the Ultra Evolution car show series! And we’ll see you at the next show. Also Congratulations to Team Sunworks & Troy for winning best of show and best team!

Gallery on Ultra Evolution’s Website – Click here

V2LAB x JDM DREAMS Gallery – Click here

Special thanks to Merv from JDMDreams.Net


Ultra Evolution

February 12, 2010  |  by ravi  |  News  |  No Comments

http://www.ultraevolution.com for information

Also if anyone would like to become a Vendor of this event please email Carlos at ( carlos[a]ultraevolution.com )

We’ll be out there taking photos and selling shirts & stickers! :D


14th Annual LNO Jr. Show

November 15, 2009  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  2 comments

The 14th Annual LNO Jr. Show is held at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, thrown by Ultimate Audio and Hardcore Mini’s. The show is in memory of Larry Neil Oliver, a Mini trucker who was murdered by thieves who stole his truck. The show never disappoints and every year it’s great to see everyone come together to pay their respects. Everyone that didn’t come this year – should definitely check out the show – Next year November 13th (i believe).

Link to the Full gallery (warning adult content +18 on the wet-tshirt contest)


Import Faceoff – Bradenton Motorsports Park

October 11, 2009  |  by Troy  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Hot was an understatement out at the Bradenton Motorsports Park today, but it didn’t stop the masses from attending one of Florida’s last car shows of 2009. The turnout for the car show seemed very strong near the early hours, but slowly died down to about 80 or so cars. If viewing some of Florida’s nicest show cars wasn’t enough, there was always the 9-10 second drag cars running up and down the quarter mile for your enjoyment. Not to mention the $7 Chicken fingers. To top it all off the hot bod contest is never a letdown….Enjoy the pics

Full Gallery – Click Here


Relax – Car Show x Pool Party

September 22, 2009  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Relax ; very hyped pool party with a car show. Very Dope set up for a great event, but the crowd just wasn’t there this time. I think next time they do it – They’ll know to lower the price ($25 dollar admission!?!). All in all DJ RINCON / DJ ET / DJ CESAER (102 JAMZ) played great music through out the day. The Florida sun was definitely out and we got to enjoy the warm atmosphere with some beautiful ladies.

Props to ColdFront Entertainment, Liquid Force, 102 Jamz, Speedzone, XL 106.7, Carribean Sunshine Bakery, Sea Goddess, and everyone else that was out there.

Full Gallery (click here)

Photo Credits ; Ravi Angard / Troy Huynh


Hot Import Nights/Night Shift – Tampa, Fl

April 25, 2009  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Hot Import Nights Night Shift is a bit different than the regular HIN show, The Drifting was the real show this year, the cars were cool as usual and the models are always a plus – but the drifting was this years real attraction. The Mint Green 240sx was putting on a serious show. I am just hoping HIN Ft. Lauderdale this year will live up to show Tampa put on.

click here to view the CAR gallery

click here to view the MODEL gallery


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