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V2LAB x Vinny

September 14, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

Here are a couple of shots of Vinny’s BMW M3 from last night. It was a bit hard to capture the Leguna Seca Blue just perfectly at night – The way it pops during the day is amazing; but at night in the dark its a bit harder to get the same feel for the color.

Below is one more photo by Garrett Wade – who also came out with me to shoot.

Brad Simms

April 28, 2011  |  by Dave  |  News  |  No Comments

Is a monster.

This is how you ride street. 48″ 180s whatchu know about that?

(Hey Ravi how about a BMX category? ;) )

Viral: BMW FTW.

March 2, 2011  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

Saw this M3 floating through my Facebook timeline; Originally Posted by CanIBeat. Definitely worthy of a re-blog.


Viral: BMW Flusness

September 6, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  1 Comment

Some BMW Flush-Eyecandy!


Viral: Bmw 3s

July 23, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

I’ve been seeing this more and more lately and I really have grown to like these 3-series BMW’s with the style 5′s on em’.


Bmw Project ( Follow This! )

January 31, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

I’m not really sure how to take this? but this Bmw started off beautiful and it looks like it’s only going to get better…

The updates =

You can follow the build here ( E90Post.com )

I can’t wait to see the rest…


Fixx Fest 2009

November 22, 2009  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Fixx Fest 2009

The day started off at 9AM at a huge cruise meet up in Kissimmee, Florida, the CFLEURO.net guys decided to put together a giant roll-in. Immediately after the first left out of the meet – everyone got divided up by a traffic light – but that didn’t take long for everyone to catch up. It took about 2 hours of driving to get to the Bradenton Track (where Fixx Fest was held), and everyone rolled in and got set up for the day. I (Ravi) didn’t get to focus on taking as many pictures as I had originally hoped for – but instead went to go race my drag race my car.

Usp Motorsports brought out some amazing cars that were tearing down the track – an 11 second GLI and a 10.40 S4, the other crazy cars included a 135i on race gas running low 11′s all day, a 10 second mk1 Volkswagen, a 1000hp turbo Bmw M3, and Monster Porsche.

As far as the car show portion of the event I was confused, I didn’t know who entered and what was going on – other than the few signs – but all in all it looked just like one big car meet, which was cool anyways. I am excited to go again next year, and hopefully will be running a lot faster times too.

(special thanks to Jordan/Tw0r for his event coverage)

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if you would like to see more of Jordan’s coverage (almost 400 pictures posted) – NOT posted on V2LAB – visit his FLICKR account at – http://www.flickr.com/photos/tw0r/

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