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versiontwo laboratory – The History of V2LAB
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The Versiontwo Laboratory – History Lesson.

The Versiontwo started off as a car club – called ExhibitStyle – started by Ravi Angard with the help of Brad Kabella (there is a story behind the name too – but we’ll save that for another time); We formed a small group of enthusiasts back in 2002 (around the time we were first getting our licenses); We were primarily into car-show scene – Back then (02-04) the big shows were Hot Import Nights & Tuner Bash. When everyone graduated high school – A lot of the group disappeared out of the car world and the fad of modifying cars died for a lot of people.

Myself (Ravi) and Brad kept on modding and modding – but the whole car club thing was a distant memory; We were the only ones left. We had some friends in another car club that wanted to get something together again so we could all attend shows together, so we decided we’d combine what was left of our two car clubs and try to build something; Turns out they all quit weeks later – and nothing ever came of it – and being that we never came out with a full name. Everyone kept calling the group “Version 2″ – Since it was the second chance for both of our groups.

Again – It was left with me and Brad and our cars and no real group. We were just starting to do photography around this time also – So every few nights we’d go out and take pictures of our cars – We weren’t very good – but we just kept seeing photos online and thinking – We could do that too! After a few months I picked up an Canon Digital Rebel XT – and started shooting more and more. At the same time I was also doing a lot of Graphic design and art work and posting on such sites as DeviantART & GfxArtist – I still liked the name “Version 2″ – but didn’t know how I could use it with my work; I used to have a website – www.version-ii.com” – but that didn’t work out – as the people I registered the website through – was seized by the FBI for some sort of scam – and the whole domain name was lost to the interwebs.

After a few weeks more of brain storming and going through the internet I was looking at names that worked for Graphic Design sites. I probably wrote down 1000 different names, but kept coming back to Version2; so Version2 Media, Version2 Labs, Version2 Gfx, Version2 etc…basically everything you could think of was written down on a piece of paper. And I went over them and over them again – eventually settled on Version2 Lab. I wanted it to sound more legit; I went with Versiontwo Laboratory; but now I knew people would never want to type all of that out – So I had to come up with a shorter name; After an hour of typing in random names on Godaddy.com; I came up with “V2LAB.COM”; and the site was born.

Originally V2LAB.com – featured mostly just photos we had taken or flyers & graphics I made for clubs and promoters in the Orlando Area. Fast Forward another Year or so I discovered WordPress; A faster way for us to get work online and showcase what we were doing – without having to modify a html – and full site every time we wanted to update. V2lab – became a place that you could come to get club photos after every weekend party (downtown – for the specific clubs we worked for).

Skipping a head another 6-8 months – We were still interested in cars – but didn’t really know what we could do to be more active in that culture? I remembered back in the day – when I had built my first car (when it wasn’t done yet) I used to attend car shows – and there were times they would skip over my car – because it didn’t fit the genre they were looking for specifically for their coverage websites; I decided I wanted to change that – I decided I was going to do coverage with NO-BIAS; Whether your car was a low-rider, import, domestic, trailer-queen, or primered and 1/3rd finished – I would still take a picture of it – And show everyone the same love. After about 2 years of doing this on and off – I finally started to get more involved in the import scene and really started to press forward.

This comes to where we are today; We are a growing group – and we’re taking in more Photographers, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, and Artists; We’re becoming the Media company we always set out to be.

Ravi Angard
Owner/Creative Director

Media Development Team
Ravi Angard
Jordan Donnelly
Troy Huynh
Garrett Wade
Dipesh Gohil
Anthony Varela
Elby Edwards

Blog Contributors
Luis Lozada
Tyler Anastasi
Jess Kang
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Revels

Team V2LAB & Theory.Garage

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