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versiontwo laboratory – The Mystery Meat
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(Yes you’ve read right! Vossen wheels will be raffling off a set of their wheels!)

Use this URL if you are using v2lab for hosting – so the flyer can be updated automatically! : http://www.v2lab.com/mm.jpg

Facebook Invite Page : http://www.facebook.com/events/284968374896677/

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Will there be preferred parking?
- No, first come first serve

2) Where do I register my car?
- There is no registration; this is a 100% free event, just show up!

3) Where is the location of the event?
- 60 N. Orange Avenue, Orlando, Florida ; is what we’re using as a basis for an address – The actual event will take place in the streets of downtown Orlando: with physical road blocks.

4) How much does it cost to get in?
- It’s free – But you can buy into the raffles if you’d like! And there will be tons of vendors selling awesome stuff!

5) What kind of cars are going to be there?
- All types of cars will be there! Yes our fan base is mostly Imports, Euros, JDM, USDM, etc.. fanatics; but everything is welcome – We urge you to bring your moms minivan if you have to; We’ve even got word – there might even be a few Donks there. We support all things cars & love the lifestyle, culture, and community!

6) Can we bring motorcycles?
- Of course.


Disclaimers: Please do not Street race or do anything reckless on your way to or from this event!

Orlando Police Department will be in full effect – helping us regulate and control traffic and the event. In order for this to go as smoothly as possible (and for the automotive world to grow – especially in Florida); We need the participation of everyone to not do anything crazy. Sure you will be tempted but save it for the track or at least another day!

We will do our best to accommodate everyone! So bare with us – there will be lines and a lot of traffic – Please take your time, have patience, and we will do our best!

Ravi Angard
Versiontwo Laboratory


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