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versiontwo laboratory – MegaCon 2012
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MegaCon 2012
February 23, 2012  |  by Dipz  |  Comics, Features, gallery

Welcome to MegaCon 2012! We’re absolutely impressed with the tremendous growth since last year’s Convention; Not only did it seem we had more room to play at the Orange County Convention Center here in Orlando, Florida, but the guest list was swollen with more than plenty of the entertainment industry’s hottest talents! Three days of this Convention were simply not enough to absorb the action going on under this roof!

MegaCon is well established as the largest comic book, anime, sci-fi and fantasy convention in the South East of the United States. This annual event is recommended for EVERYONE. This year’s MegaCon was extraordinary and definitely not worth missing.

Vendors flourished across the floor with amazing collectibles and trademark iconic items with, as cliché as it sounds, ‘something for everybody’! From rare key comic books, memorabilia, and clothing to imported candy, anime, and costume props.

MegaCon always has had a great lineup of floor actors, artists and writers, but this year seemed to host plenty more than the previous year, which made great for attendees to interact with their favorite talents and creators. The enormous list included world-renowned writers and artists such as David Finch and J. Scott Campbell, growing stars like Lauren Cohan (Walking Dead), as well as up-and-coming writer Ryan Sohmers (Gutters) and local superhero squad Fierce Comics!

Deep within the penciled jungles of the artist alley, you could find yourself falling in love with original content from artists of anime, industry leading comic art, independent creators, or just general real life tributes of beautiful people.

The panels set up at MegaCon were very central themed and amazing. One of our favorites was ‘DC Comics: The New 52’, in which DC’s Co-Publisher Dan Didio led a discussion on the new changes which brought DC Comics to the head of the industry last year! Other attending panelists included Greg Capullo, Tony Bedard, and Jimmy Palmiotti. During the finale, fans rushed the stage to shake hands and share words with the guests! Coincidentally just outside the room, a DC Comics themed photoshoot was happening in which Dan Didio joined fellow DC veteran George Perez.

Another favorite panel was the ‘Q & A with Legendary Stan Lee’. Jimmy Palmiotti joined Stan Lee at his request in assisting with moderating, even though Stan “The Man” could handle it well all by himself! The room was very quiet for most of the time while Stan spoke with answers from his heart. His jokes broke the silence many times to ease the tension of everyone hanging on to his words. Stan recently launched his official website which has constant updates: The Real Stan Lee.

And what about the people? Many attendees dressed up in costume play (“cosplay”) to pay homage to their favorite characters and share their joy and passion in a walking visual display. You can’t help but smile and ask for someone to take a picture with you, to later share with your family and friends on what an awesome event this was!

As we said before if you weren’t here, you simply MISSED OUT… but we’ve got you covered!

Check out our FULL photo gallery (click) for even more images from the event!

Our very special thanks go to:
-ALL the supporting staff at MegaCon for putting together incredible event.
-Coliseum of Comics for a lunch opportunity with DC Comics’ Dan Didio.
-POW! Entertainment for always providing us best spots for Stan Lee events.
-iAM 3D Group for front row seats at their booth for creator signings.

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