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versiontwo laboratory – A Tribute to Triforce Mike
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A Tribute to Triforce Mike
January 31, 2012  |  by Dipz  |  Comics, News

These images paint a great picture of a guy who could never be “summed up”. Its never easy to say goodbye – especially when knowing its for the final time. Born as Michael Pandel, our friend Triforce Mike (Nerdy Show / A Comic Shop) was fatally injured by a vehicle while routinely traveling on his bicycle.

(video below)

As the key co-star personality of literally hundreds of podcasts and YouTube videos, Mike is in his own class of Internet celebrity, although his humbleness would cause him to disagree. Fun. Optimistic. Dope. Supportive. Inspiring. Free. Genuine. These are just a few words that friends are using to describe a true diamond in the rough.

We’ve provided a summary of what Triforce Mike’s forum and Facebook friends and fans are saying:

Mike was the kind of person you couldn’t help but love immediately. He was a force of nature, a hurricane composed of boney hugs and nipple pinches. When they made him, they broke the mold and hid the pieces across the land: there will never be another like Mike. It didn’t take much for him to have an impact on you. Mike had a lust for life – he enjoyed the heck out of it and (one way or another) made sure those he met did too. He’s known as one of the warmest, friendliest, funniest, and liveliest people you would ever be privileged to call a friend. Always the life of the party; always rambling on about stuff; ALWAYS entertaining. Super passionate about comic books, classic games, Pokémon and My Little Pony. Some of his antics are legend and will be told for centuries to come.

Triforce Mike also taught how to open up and be comfortable in your own skin. It is always really refreshing to meet someone like Mike; he touched a lot of people, and left a lasting impression on everyone he met. Many of us owe our fandom and discovery of many things to Mike, and we will never see any of them the same again. We will listen to no Protomen songs, collect no rupees, use no warp whistles, read no Robo without it being, in our own little way, for Triforce Mike.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all Nerdy Show friends, Mike’s friends, the A Comic Shop crew, and of course his family. He will live in our heartpieces – may he dance forever in them.

Majority word credits: Kristin, Bryan, Flawedspirit, Jenn, Cap, MuckRaker, mopkins, OmniG-Sage0, Tolan


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**In loving memory:
Michael “Triforce Mike” Pandel

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