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versiontwo laboratory – 2011 – September
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Archive for September, 2011

Three Hundred

September 30, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  1 Comment

I bring to you; Brandon’s IS300 – Shot by Danh Le of Miami, Florida. Didn’t get much info on this car – but when he shot me over the photos I knew people would dig it. I’ll do a small update with a day or so with some additional information if you’re interested.

Photos by: Danh Le


Wingsuit Hero

September 30, 2011  |  by Dipz  |  News  |  No Comments

You were probably thinking “Gundam Wing” when you saw the title. Sorry we mislead you, but this is something way more extraordinary than girly men compensating with mech suits from Japan. Did you like that one scene in Transformers 3 where the flying enforcers jumped out of the plane? Well then – what do you get when you put several HD GoPro vidcams on the wingsuit of world famous base jumper Jeb Corliss? Effortlessly some of the sweetest footage to defy normal physics of the standard falling human! The flight suits Jeb dons have been clocked over 122mph in air time and have seen countryside of many beautiful places including France, Malaysia, Russia, Brazil, and China. Incase his name sounds familiar, Jeb is banned from even batting an eye at the Empire State Building after an attempt to base jump from the observation deck; he was handcuffed to the building by security before NYPD took him away – talk about a bad@$$!!


Wuste 2011: A Desert Gathering

September 29, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc., Videos  |  No Comments

Cinematography by: Speedline Film Werks

Speedline Film Werks proudly presents an upcoming six episode series featuring Wuste 2011 that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stay tuned !

-> Episode 1

Speedline Film Werks proudly presents, in association with Stance Nation, Wuste 2011: A Desert Gathering; Episode One. This first episode in a series of six, features Keenan Cook’s 1972 Mercedes 240D along with Paolo Luna’s 1998 Mercedes C230.

Mixed Supra

September 28, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

1994 Toyota Supra
JDM twin turbo 2JZGTE
Stock Turbos; Hardpiping, Intercooler, and Air induction mods
Boost Upped to ~19psi: Estimated Power: 450whp.

From Edmonton, AB, Canada
More photos by Ricky Das : Flickr

Sometimes when you can’t decide what wheels you like more – You just have to buy and rock both; These two sets of wheels are classics – So here we have some pix of them mixed together, and well – We like it.


AP Mitchell’s 650hp TTR36 MKV R32.

September 28, 2011  |  by Jordan  |  Car & Misc., Features, Videos  |  2 comments

This is the most epic golf ever. Period.

I’ve driven in some fast cars before, but this was definitely my favorite. We took off to go to this spot, and hit it thru a tunnel past a cop, when we came back he had a very confused look on his face, and then just started laughing. This is definitely one of the fastest street cars in Sydney, and the best part, it’s daily driven. It has been rumored that AP Mitchell is doing a TTR36 swapped Scirocco now too!

ADV5.0 1pc gloss black 19×8.5 ET 40 5×112
HPA 3.6 twin turbo 650hp installed by city performance centre!
0-100 3.2sec 1/4 10.8@130mph!
Full carbon clutches and built DSG gearbox!
Massive Lamborghini Brakes!
Custom vented hood and flared front and rear guards!
Full custom SS exhaust made by CPC!
Recaro seats!


And the video if you haven’t seen it already:

Less Is More

September 27, 2011  |  by PSU  |  Automotive Events, Car & Misc.  |  1 Comment

When it comes to Aidan’s 2003 GTI, it is clearly obvious that less is more. Although it looks relatively subtle, only a real enthusiast would notice the small mods like the Beetle headrests or the shaved hatch.

There’s just something about plain silver BBS RS that stand out. Without further ado, I’ll let the pictures and the car speak for themselves.






Read More

It’s Goin Scrape! – Mazda 3

September 27, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  2 comments

Out by where we live (Long Island, New York), being this low and aggressive is nearly impossible and the car shows (and sounds) it. Being the passenger in this car for anywhere we go, I am bracing myself at all times.

Kevin and I have started together: Me shooting my first feature for his first feature. It is important to us that we stick together and support each other in the direction we are going. I currently shoot for Stay Stetti and his car has been featured in many underground blogs, so being featured on V2lab is a huge milestone for the both of us.

The picture of the scraped ground is when we tried to reach the end of the driveway (well.. a driveway that lead to other driveways) and accidentally became a little too confident and scraped the high center of the street. We backed up and that’s what we found.

Kevin Ehm’s Mazda 3

Basic Mods:
Lowered on custom BC’s coils up front and Yellowspeed coils in the rear with -3 degrees camber up front and -10 in the rear to run the 18×9.5 +15/18×9.5 -22 offsets with enkei rpf1′s. car has been through 3 sets of coilovers and 9 sets of wheels to get it where its at. and I’m not done with the wheels yet! The Car has basic bolt on engine mods and minor mods to the interior. Most of the focus of this car was to get low and wide!

Engine: Cold air intake, Advance timing mod, Grounded throttle body mod, and Cat-back exhaust

Interior: quick release steering wheel, harness bar, 4 point harnesses, and lots of wood in the trunk for any emergencies =D

Exterior: S-model front grille, front lip, S-model side skirts, S-model rear flares, l.e.d. tails, custom headlight assemblies, tinted windows, lots of trunk stickers

Suspension: Custom BC coilovers up front (shorter cartidges and stiffer, shorter springs) and Yellowspeed coilovers out back, Dominant engineering camber arms

Wheels: Enkei RPF1′s 18×9.5 +15 front and 18×9.5 -22 out back (with spacers of course)

Words & Photos by: Jess Kang


Coffee and Comic Book Art Show

September 26, 2011  |  by Dipz  |  News  |  No Comments

Probably one of the most coolest ideas in concept, Winter Park’s ‘Sleeping Moon Cafe’ hosted an amazing comic art and coffee blended affair. Some of the artists you may previously recognize from ‘Graffiti Iconz’ show we previously attended in early August; undoubtedly you guys should also be familiar with ‘A Comic Shop’ – we’ve showcased and posted about them numerous times for their own self-hosted shows where they’ve set up many informational workshops and brought in famous comic talents for hands on learning and signings. We were glad to attend this show but unfortunately our time was cut short due to schedule. We can’t wait until the next one arrives!

We purchased a few comics and art work. Man was there alot more impressive stuff out there… Check out our gallery (click) for this event!

And of course if you haven’t done so, don’t forget to “LIKE” the V2Lab friend and fanpage!


Canibeat – FirstClass Fitment (10-15-2011)

September 25, 2011  |  by four  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Don’t forget, Canibeat’s First Class Fitment show is coming up in 2 weeks! Keep up with Canibeat & Register at the links below if you’re planning to attend. Check the pictures from the last event; if you’re going to attend one last show this year, this is the show you should be at!

> http://www.canibeat.com/first-class-fitment/

Date: Saturday, October 15th, 2011 | 11:00am – 7:00pm
Location: Princeton Airport
41 Airpark Road Route 206
Princeton, NJ 08540
Official Website: www.firstclassfitment.com
Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/event.php?eid=252204068146687
We are happy to announce our second annual show, First Class Fitment 2011. This years event will be on Saturday, October 15th with a rain date of Saturday, October 22nd and once again will be held at Princeton Airport in Princeton, New Jersey. Pre-registration will be opening soon, and FirstClassFitment.com will be updated with more event details, directions, & lodging information. Stay tuned.

Ultra Evolution: The 09.11 Tribute – Event Coverage

September 24, 2011  |  by Dipz  |  News  |  No Comments

Ultra Evolution and its friends and supporting subsidiaries helped throw this wonderful event on September 11th, remembering our brothers and sisters in arms and in Heaven. We happened to be in the area passing through. Although we weren’t prepared to spend much time at the event, we did make sure to do a quick run through the aisles of patriotic vehicles. – Check out our gallery (click) for this event!

And of course if you haven’t done so, don’t forget to “LIKE” the V2Lab friend and fanpage!


Honda Tuning – IA

September 22, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

Team V2LAB’s Adam Phan representing for us at IA – getting some Honda-Tuning love!

Kindred Impulse’s Miguel Paz (rocking a V2LAB Decal) repping for us too!

More Honda-Tuning coverage


September 22, 2011  |  by four  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments


Beautifully put together video of this S4.

Quoted from the video:

Ever wondered what 700ps, ECU Mapped Launch Control & Anti-Lag at 2000fps looked like?

MRC Widebody S4 – The Sequel 204.4mph tested at Bruntingthorpe. Watch Part1 here: vimeo.com/​mrctuning/​widebody

MRC Custom 6th Gear to hit 200+

Film by NisusHD nisushd.com
Special thanks to Alistair Little!

Slowmotion all filmed on Photron SA1.1 – slowmo.co.uk

Soundtrack – Chase & Status – Time – ft Delilah

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