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versiontwo laboratory – 2010 – April
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Archive for April, 2010

New: Eminem (Not Afraid) & Young Jeezy (Hood Politics)

April 29, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Music  |  No Comments

First and foremost the Eminem we know and love is back. Secondly TM103 coming soon. Two albums that are going to go platinum for sure.


V2LAB x S3 Magazine

April 24, 2010  |  by ravi  |  News  |  3 comments

I finally had a chance to make it down the local Book Store today (Borders) today, to see if they had the new S3 Magazine in. Turns out they did so I picked up a copy. This month features Troy Huynh’s (Sunworks/V2lab) Acura RSX that I shot a few months back with him. I did the exterior pictures – he did the interior pictures. The feature came out great and the photos are on the shelves so pick up a copy today! (or buy one online www.s3mag.com)


Road Runner Lamborghini

April 23, 2010  |  by four  |  Features  |  No Comments

This 2005 Lamborghini Murcielago is the definition of a beast.. 6.2 liter v12 engine. :O The color is absolutely beautiful. Throw an exhaust on it and chip it like Orlando did and all people can say is wow. Orlando followed us to our location for the shoot and he just kinda cruised there. It’s one of those cars that EVERYONE stares at, even people who don’t know what it is. It’s an amazing car in every aspect.



SouthRn Fresh!

April 23, 2010  |  by ravi  |  News  |  No Comments

Down here in the South (East), the car scene has been alive, kicking, and making a lot of noise – Check out Southrn Fresh – an automotive blog comprised of Everything going on in the South!

Rep yo City!!! (lil jon voice)



Viral: Jay's Miata

April 23, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  1 Comment

I recently posted Jay’s Miata on Hella Flush – and the response has been great – I wanted to give everyone a little more about the car and some photos (available below) to show off it off properly. Here’s a little more about the car:

1995 NA8C Miata
Work Euroline DH (Wide i think) 15×8 -5 wheels
Modified STD Suspension (horrible name, but they work pretty well)
Hard Dog roll bar
Aerodesigns Notus Seat
Autokonexion lip, and properly beaten!

Photo Credits & More pictures > by Dilly & by Jay


Battle of the Imports – Orlando Speedworld

April 18, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

For the past 3 years straight Battle of the Imports – has been either slowed down or almost entirely rained out in Orlando, Florida, but every year we some how manage to have a ridiculously good time. This year was a good bit smaller than usual because they raised the ticket prices to $20 a person and every show car and regular race car had to pay $40 dollars (no passengers included). So with the price hikes a lot of people opted out of coming to the show. Also there was rumor floating around of some sort of tire restrictions that wouldn’t allow certain people to run(?). Hopefully next year or at their next event they will lower the prices and the show will be grow.

Any how all the cars ran through the 1/8th mile once and then it started to rain so everyone packed up and left. Hopefully the next event the weather will be on our side and we will get to see some full on racing.


Full Gallery – Click Here

Photos by Ravi Angard & Troy Huynh


Mastro Subaru FREE car show, yes FREE.

April 17, 2010  |  by Troy  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

It was another scorching day in the sunshine state, but thanks to Mastro Subaru out in Sanford there were food and refreshments to cool things down, best of all it was free! It was a smaller crowd but quality and all around nice people. Not only was there free food but there was a free car show in which there were trophies given out for multiple categories.

This was good because nowadays you have these shows charging tons of money for minimal quality. It was nice to see someone step up and help out, allowing people of all makes and models just to show up and possibly walk away with a trophy.

Also best of luck to the new driver of the ESX motorsports subaru at Battle of the Imports, can’t wait to see their 8 second Subaru in action at the track!

Pics below.

Full Gallery < click here >

Skinny's Miata

April 17, 2010  |  by four  |  Features  |  No Comments

Skinnys Miata

This would be Marc ‘Skinny’ Strong’s 1991 Mazda Miata.
I ran into him while he was leaving a drift event and then a few hours later, the shoot was on!
There isn’t much done but, it is low and clean, what more could you want?

wanna see the ones from the drift event and the rest of this car?
Click here. (:


Trailer: Gears of War 3

April 13, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Videos  |  No Comments

Coming April 20th. Should be interesting to see – the Gears of War series has never let me down before. I am excited to see the game play and the campaign on this one too.


Adobe Creative Suite 5!

April 12, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Technology  |  No Comments

http://cs5launch.adobe.com/?promoid=FDKBR <– click this link!

Adobe’s CS5 is going to be epic! You need to watch the video, the Content-Aware Fill looks like a great tool, and there are many more features listed in the video that look absolutely amazing.

Check it out – In my opinion it looks like the biggest Photoshop advancements since – Photoshop 6.0.


CNN : Iphone OS4 ?! Multi-Tasking

April 11, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Technology  |  2 comments

Quoted Directly from CNN.COM

Cupertino, California (Wired) — Apple unveiled details of its next-generation iPhone operating system Thursday in a press event at the company’s headquarters here.

The new operating system, iPhone OS 4, will be released to developers this week and to consumers this summer. It will give developers access to calendar, photo library, still image and video data, and includes features aimed at helping apps run faster.

As expected, the new OS will support multitasking of apps.

“We weren’t the first to this party but we’re going to be the best, just like cut and paste,” said Apple CEO Steve Jobs, alluding to the fact that cut-and-paste hadn’t been available until a year after the first iPhone launched.

“It’s really easy to implement multitasking in a way that drains battery life. If you don’t do it just right your phone’s going to feel sluggish and your battery life is going to go way down. We’ve figured out how to implement multitasking of third-party apps and avoid those things.”

* Apple iPhone
* Smartphones
* Consumer Electronics

With the new OS, users will be able to press the home button twice to see a menu of all the currently active apps, which appears as a bar along the bottom of the screen. Tapping one of the apps takes you directly into that app. Apps can remain running in the background.

Apple demonstrated how you can keep listening to music in Pandora while doing other things on the phone, and how the phone could deliver push notifications to alert users to an incoming Skype call.

“It was really simple to implement. Just a dozen lines of code,” said Skype’s head of product development David Ponsford.

To address privacy concerns, the OS will also let you know (via a notification on the app’s icon) when an app running in the background has requested your location from the device’s GPS.

The announcement comes less than a week after Apple’s launch of its tablet computer, the iPad. Jobs said the company had sold 450,000 iPads to date, and that users have downloaded more than 1 million iPad applications and over 650,000 digital books from the iBooks store.

Jobs also added that the company has sold more than 50 million iPhones and 35 million iPod Touches.

TheiPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad all run iPhone OS 3.0. The operating system is based on an OS X core, but with a touch-centric interface and optimizations aimed at increasing screen responsiveness and maximizing battery life.

The current iPhone OS has been widely criticized for its lack of support for full multitasking: It only allows a few core apps, such as iPod and Mail, to run in the background while another app is active. The OS also restricts add-on software to apps available through Apple’s App Store.

The App Store currently contains 185,000 apps, Jobs said, adding than users have downloaded more than 4 billion apps from it to date. About 3,500 of those apps are optimized for the iPad.

The new OS also gives users the ability to group apps in folders, instead of just laying them out on the home screens.

Other features planned for iPhone OS 4 include a 5x digital zoom feature in the camera, and the ability to tap to focus in video. (Tap to focus was already available for still images in iPhone OS 3.)

more information : CNN.COM / IPHONE

Ray's LS400

April 11, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Features  |  No Comments

I recently had the pleasure of shooting Ray’s LS400 for a Hella Flush feature ; It posted today so go take a look : Hella Flush – Ray’s LS400

I will also be releasing a wallpaper soon from this shoot.

Ravi – v2lab

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