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versiontwo laboratory – 2010 – March
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Archive for March, 2010

Ultra Evolution

March 30, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

On Sunday March 28th, we took a trip out to Tampa to attend the Ultra Evolution car show and support our friends at Team SSP. The car show was a lot of fun and there was a good turn out. Even though it rained a good bit of the day, everyone had a great time playing pool and talking inside the Peabody. We’re all excited to see what’s next for the Ultra Evolution car show series! And we’ll see you at the next show. Also Congratulations to Team Sunworks & Troy for winning best of show and best team!

Gallery on Ultra Evolution’s Website – Click here

V2LAB x JDM DREAMS Gallery – Click here

Special thanks to Merv from JDMDreams.Net


Berrywise Meet

March 28, 2010  |  by Jordan  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

Berrywise Cafe hosted a car show today over in Altamonte. It was pouring rain when I was on my way over, but slowed down a bit once I got there and the show started. I borrowed an Ikea umbrella to take pictures in the parking lot. I hope someone took a picture of it because it must have looked pretty funny. Despite the rain there was still a good turnout. Some real nice cars. It was nice to see some that I had never seen before too. Didn’t take too many pics because of the rain, but I’m sure the Simply Clean crew will throw another event soon.

Viral: Rsx

March 24, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

This RSX has been floating through the forums – not so much the blogs – but this new titanium/multi-color(?) coating appears to be the new hype – I’m sure we’ll see more of it in the future. Anyways props to this guy for building a solid, well rounded RSX.


I still get it in Orlando.

March 13, 2010  |  by Troy  |  Features  |  3 comments

Sunny, windy and 70 degrees. Been in talks with miss Sheila about shooting for awhile so we finally got the chance to get out and enjoy the real Florida weather we all look forward to. Definately took advantage of one of the nicest days in Florida this year thus far. The Sheila brought out her Arielle and it was a day full of fun and laughter. No real thought here but simply put:

Canon + 24-70L + Alien Bees triggered by pocketwizards + RSX + Sexy Ladies = Win!

P.S. only 3 minutes of editing per pic ;) and props to Brandon for doing some great assistant work, im sure he couldn’t complain about the benefits.


Brokedown RSX


To see more of Arielle and Sheila check out myflickr

Viral: One Mean S2000

March 11, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

Race ready S2000 – Absolutely beautiful color too. I saw this and knew I had to repost it and share it with the world.


Grab-A-Lane – Street Racing (Ls6 Rx7, Evos, C6 vette, etc)

March 11, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Videos  |  No Comments

Wek'Fest Video

March 10, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Videos  |  No Comments

Studio Mountain did an absolutely amazing job with the editing, filming, and production of this video. The Wek’Fest event looks absolutely ridiculous and amazing, I need to make a trip out there next year.


Viral: Impreza

March 8, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

Quite possibly one of the most Beautiful Impreza’s ever. This car is currently on the cover of Modified Magazine this month too (March issue??). No blog is complete if they aren’t sharing and giving props to this car.


Viral: Got Purp? Tsx

March 7, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Car & Misc.  |  2 comments

I first saw this TSX on the Hella-Flush blog, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I found more pictures of this beautiful car. This car is perfectly dropped on Purple Mb Battles. These wheels are really popular in the drift community, so you can always find a good deal on a set floating through the zilvia or nico forums.


Titan Motorsports – Open House

March 6, 2010  |  by ravi  |  Automotive Events  |  No Comments

On March 6th Titan Motorsports opened the doors of their new complex (well to the public). Every other car at the event was amazing. So many fast cars, crazy parts for sale (including 10 dollar wheels), and tons of people everywhere. Titan Motorsports sure know’s how to throw a fast-car meet (just wish there was more parking out front – I refused to park in the grass lol). Check out the pictures and see for yourself.

Full Gallery – Click here


New wallpapers!

March 2, 2010  |  by Jordan  |  Car & Misc.  |  No Comments

Wallpapers of this pic:

Are available for download if you scroll down on the right hand side! More pics of this car on my flickr.

RedBull ThreeStyle

March 2, 2010  |  by ravi  |  News  |  No Comments

Come out and Support V2LAB’S own Dj Rincon & Local Hip Hop!

(photo by: versiontwo laboratory x boss logic)

- ravi

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