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March 19, 2012  |  by four  |  News  |  No Comments

http://www.v2lab.com/?page_id=66 ; but its all tied to V2LAB.COM – we’re merging everything into one main portal/site – so the flow of the site is more fluid.

All of the old posts – will remain here – just that the new updates will be happening on the new page!

Ravi Angard
Versiontwo Laboratory


VS-II – V2LAB eZine

March 3, 2012  |  by four  |  Car & Misc., Features, News  |  1 Comment

I decided a few months back – I wanted to release an e-zine (since our blog is so random & our facebook page is even more random) – i set March 1st as the release date (didn’t really tell anyone – in case it didn’t happen but that was my goal)

I believe I have almost everything in order for it ; This has the READERS RIDES section – in it (back when i asked everyone for pictures (keep sending stuff in!!) – that i posted (in the order of how i received the e-mails); if you car is not posted yet – it WILL BE 110%.

We’ll have more stuff in the coming months, more girls, more cars, more features, more everything; this is just our first month – hopefully everyone enjoys it – and (yes i will get better at writing – photography is my strong point haha)

(ps: the new stickers will be released in a day or two!)

Click here to visit our new site!: www.VS-II.com

- Ravi // versiontwo laboratory

A Comic Shop presents: Triforce Mike Tribute

February 9, 2012  |  by Dipz  |  Comics, gallery, News  |  1 Comment

This is an updated continuation and conclusion to a previous post we reported to you (click). What we didn’t report last week (beyond Mike’s passing) was revealed by his mother: While Triforce Mike was held on life support, his family was advised he would make the perfect candidate to be an organ donor. A variety of surgeons were flown in to to spread his loving insides. Thanks to a powerful selfless decision by his family on his behalf, Mike’s heart, lungs, liver, and other vital organs were donated and have now helped give hope and new life to patients near their own deaths. Very incredible and great news!

Furthermore, last week a memorial was held at A Comic Shop in regards to the passing of our dear friend and fellow geek, Mike ‘Triforce Mike’ Pandel.

Overnight flowers were left at his employer’s front door in a makeshift Steve Jobs style to be discovered next day by the staff. This was a great way to start the very first day of life without Mike. As the day went on, more items began to be added to the flowers and we’re positive there’s alot more items there now!

Mike’s personal belongings and treasures were placed in a section of the Geek Easy for viewing and admiring. Its amazing how iconic garments, effects, and accessories can identify you so clearly and make you stand out even when your body isn’t present! Mike was well known for his red Converse sneakers as you’ll see his influence in another photo below.

An open mic session was held for friends, fans, and family members of Triforce Mike, with the keynote stories being delivered by his Pony sisters, Ninja Turtle girlfriends and, best of all, his heavy hearted Triforce mom. We learned that Mike’s bicycle was given by his mother as a hand-me-down, which also means there are literally thousands of miles on the bike frame! Mike’s mom also reassured the teary eyed crowd that he passed away doing something he loved. Alot of Mike’s confidence and aura radiated from his mother, and we all felt from her the same essence that Mike gave off.

The staff at A Comic Shop, a close-knit family, soon saw themselves put into leadership roles in lieu of the situation. They rose up to the challenge of peer counseling and healing. Countless hugs were issued. Many shirt sleeves were soaked. But with every sniffle and sob came a hopeful, relieving smile because we know Mike is in a better place and would never want us sad or upset of his presence. We commend our friends at A Comic Shop for being the frontrunners of this challenging road to recovery and healing. Thank you for being there for us!

Many, many, many supporters came out to show insane, gratuitous amounts of love. A few attendees even appeared to be dressed in Triforce Mike’s traditional dress code; for those of you who don’t know what that is: black t-shirt, blue jeans, and red Converse sneakers. I lost count after seeing so many red shoes, but it felt good to know that almost everyone admired Triforce Mike as a fashionable expert!

In the aftermath, I’m left feeling uncomfortably vulnerable. I would have never thought that I would meet someone so fun to be around, and so soon after God would ask them, young and healthy, to come home early. Everyone strives to be remembered in the massive doses of joy that Mike has been to us.

Life is short.
Don’t ever stop loving it.
And don’t you dare stop having fun.

As far as event coverage goes, photog Ryan from Ryan G. Poirier Photography was on site doing his thing. Ryan is very familiar with the staff and owners at A Comic Shop, and previously did their promotional marketing and photoshoot. Peep his coverage photos (click) from that memorable night! Check out our own photo gallery (click) for even more images from the event!

We also welcome you to “LIKE” the V2Lab friend and fanpage, where we continue to bring you exciting local and sourced features and event coverage.


A Tribute to Triforce Mike

January 31, 2012  |  by Dipz  |  Comics, News  |  1 Comment

These images paint a great picture of a guy who could never be “summed up”. Its never easy to say goodbye – especially when knowing its for the final time. Born as Michael Pandel, our friend Triforce Mike (Nerdy Show / A Comic Shop) was fatally injured by a vehicle while routinely traveling on his bicycle.

(video below)

As the key co-star personality of literally hundreds of podcasts and YouTube videos, Mike is in his own class of Internet celebrity, although his humbleness would cause him to disagree. Fun. Optimistic. Dope. Supportive. Inspiring. Free. Genuine. These are just a few words that friends are using to describe a true diamond in the rough.

We’ve provided a summary of what Triforce Mike’s forum and Facebook friends and fans are saying:

Mike was the kind of person you couldn’t help but love immediately. He was a force of nature, a hurricane composed of boney hugs and nipple pinches. When they made him, they broke the mold and hid the pieces across the land: there will never be another like Mike. It didn’t take much for him to have an impact on you. Mike had a lust for life – he enjoyed the heck out of it and (one way or another) made sure those he met did too. He’s known as one of the warmest, friendliest, funniest, and liveliest people you would ever be privileged to call a friend. Always the life of the party; always rambling on about stuff; ALWAYS entertaining. Super passionate about comic books, classic games, Pokémon and My Little Pony. Some of his antics are legend and will be told for centuries to come.

Triforce Mike also taught how to open up and be comfortable in your own skin. It is always really refreshing to meet someone like Mike; he touched a lot of people, and left a lasting impression on everyone he met. Many of us owe our fandom and discovery of many things to Mike, and we will never see any of them the same again. We will listen to no Protomen songs, collect no rupees, use no warp whistles, read no Robo without it being, in our own little way, for Triforce Mike.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all Nerdy Show friends, Mike’s friends, the A Comic Shop crew, and of course his family. He will live in our heartpieces – may he dance forever in them.

Majority word credits: Kristin, Bryan, Flawedspirit, Jenn, Cap, MuckRaker, mopkins, OmniG-Sage0, Tolan


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▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

**In loving memory:
Michael “Triforce Mike” Pandel

Couple of E46′s

January 30, 2012  |  by Garrett  |  News  |  No Comments

A few real quick photos I did of two M3′s. When I say quick I linearly mean these are the only two photos I shot but hopefully we’ll be seeing more of both these cars soon!

Both cars are very nice with little bits that separate them from others out there. The white one for example currently has seats, exhaust and slicks off a Ferrari Challenge car on it.

-Garrett Wade

Early Risers Car Meet

January 23, 2012  |  by Dipz  |  News  |  No Comments

Welcome to one of the first meets of 2012! Although still in its beginning grassroots stages, the Early Risers Car Meet held its very first gig at Einstein Bros Bagels in Casselberry, FL. Over 30 cars and its passengers braved a cold front with abnormal low 40 degree temperature to arrive at 8:00am sharp. As this was just the beginning of what seems to be a promising adventure in the near future, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the reoccurring event as it progresses. The Early Risers Car Meet will be held monthly on the 2nd Saturday of every month at:

Einstein Bros Bagels
150 S. 436 (behind 7Eleven)
Casselberry, FL 32707


Check out the photo gallery (click) for a few more images from the event.

We also welcome you to “LIKE” the V2Lab friend and fanpage, where we continue to bring you exciting local and sourced features and event coverage.


Mystery Meat Date Released

January 6, 2012  |  by four  |  News  |  No Comments

Click to Enlarge!

Versiontwo Laboratory – Mystery Meat 2012 Flyer
All Vendors & Sponsor inquiries
Email : Info@v2lab.com

Mean, Clean, Green S13.

December 7, 2011  |  by Garrett  |  News  |  4 comments

In a day where clean chassis are impossible to find, this car show how nice these cars can be in the hands of a dedicated owner. Owning this car for a couple of years now Chris has gone through and redone it car from top to bottom and even some things on it more than once! BC coils and the Battle Version arms keep the fresh set of of CCW Classic wheels in place. After many engine setups from an RB to more than one SR20, Chris has finally settled on a built SR engine as his power-plant of choice.

Hours of body work, a RHD conversion, and a fresh coat of paint put this car at a stage for Chris to start tracking down all the correct year JDM accessories to set this car apart. The OEM Silvia steering wheel and floor mat mixed with a powder coated Cusco cage are only the start, we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for this car!


December 6, 2011  |  by Garrett  |  News  |  No Comments

Me (Garrett) and Ravi were hanging out at our new v2lab studio tonight and I snapped a quick photo of Ravi doing an ollie. Contact us to setup a shoot today!

Concours d’Elegance of Winter Park, FL (10th Anniversary)

November 11, 2011  |  by Dipz  |  News  |  1 Comment

The Winter Park Concours d’Elegance has risen in attendance and notoriety to become one of the most highly-regarded, judged exotic car shows in the United States. Staged in a setting of true elegance, Old Winter Park closes six (6) blocks of Park Avenue to welcome over one-hundred twenty (120) of the world’s most prestigous automobiles. Some of the key cars we were glad to see included a Lamborghini Aventador, Fisker Karma, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing, and the world’s one and only yellow Ferrari Enzo.

The crowd was surprisingly high despite the cloudy weather and occasional drizzle and rain that passed by over us. This was the 10th anniversary of the Concours d’Elegance. The event is a yearly tradition for the City of Winter Park. Check out our gallery (click) for this event.

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Jono Hopping

November 7, 2011  |  by Garrett  |  News  |  No Comments

this dude is killing it!


Game Trailer – Grand Theft Auto V

November 2, 2011  |  by Dipz  |  News  |  No Comments

If you followed our New York Comic Con post (right here) and scooped through the gallery photos, Rockstar Games was celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto III at their huge convention booth. They asked that we don’t photograph what was inside the booth so we couldn’t reveal much since it wouldn’t make sense without the images. GTA III was undoubtedly a success in its own class, giving enormous system sales boosts to the already leaping Playstation 2. It also opened game developers and designers to explore open-world gaming environments for which is now becoming an industry standard for success. After GTA III’s 2001 release, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was given to us 3 years later; who can forget this NWA styled gangland funk themed beefy predecessor? Let’s jump to the present now. Its been three years since Grand Theft Auto 4 was released and quite frankly most of us were disappointed to the story – it was unrelatable, kind of dry, and sort of dusty. Yeah it was on a next-gen system but an ugly-ass Russian like Niko isn’t as cool as Italian hitter Claude or Grove Street’s CJ. And with that said, here is the trailer for the next epic game, and rumored to be the last, Grand Theft Auto: V.

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