Meet Bulma, Everett’s 2007 Laguna Blue Honda s2000, a local streetsweeper you can find ripping through the streets of Chicago….and yes it’s a daily!


I have seen Everett’s car go through many different transformations and have taken a few pictures here and there of it mostly at meets/shows, but when he put his Work Meister S1R’s on, it was just to perfect not to setup a shoot..I wasn’t sure if we would be able too shoot at all, a few days prior Everret was at a local drift event and he blew one of his tires clean off the wheel, thankfully no damage was done to the wheel or the rest of his car and he popped another tire on and was good to I met up with Everett and his friend Kevin a couple days later and we managed to snap a couple shots on a busy but yet normal Saturday in the city.


The set of EMUSA coils let it sit so nicely and it rides amazing, even as he drifts as is on the weekends, truly mind blowing . The Mugen front lip, FD RX-7 side splitters, and Force Werkz diffuser really give no room for bounce or play, so he knew his suspension setup was going to be key for his driving habits. With everything being put to the test, this thing has no problem putting it down when pushed. The Invidia catback exhaust gives this car such a nice tone and powerful sound, there weren’t too many people who didn’t resist taking a double look at this s2000 as we cruised the city streets.



The Work Meister S1Rs (18×10 18×11 +35 wheels 225/35 255/35 )with polished lips and brushed faces really go well with the laguna blue. Everett also informed me that this is actually a rare color, which, i personally did not know. Only 1800 of them were sold in the states! For awhile Everett kept the body untouched for the most part but within the last year or so he has really been getting in touch with his inner body work skills. All work has been done by him, he took his OEM hood and cut some custom air vents in it, ballsy and subtle but really sets it off nicely. The overfenders in the rear give it such an aggressive look and the stance is perfect. All in all it is easy to say Everett is killing it and all his hard work and effort is really showing. I would just like to say a quick thank you to Everett and Kevin for taking the time to show me around the city for the day, and i would like to thank Ravi and VersionTwo Laboratory for giving me the opportunity to write this and use some of my photography.

Words & Photos by Mike Stern







Bonus Teaser – We’ll be releasing some photos of this White S2000 – Coming soon!


Thanks for reading!