I’ve been to Las Vegas and now I’ve been to heaven (Heaven’s Landing, GA) and I can confirm that both have Lamborghinis.  I ended up making the trip down to Clayton, GA with CES Motorsport for the Georgia Half Mile event put on my wannaGOFAST.  This was a side by side drag racing event at Heaven’s Landing Airport, featuring cars from  TopSpeed Motorsports, MTI, Vengeance, Underground Racing, Real St, and many more of the top shops around the south east.




We arrived on Saturday around noon, to a line that seemed to stretch for miles with over 3000 spectators coming to the event.  The grass was slammed packed with cars and the line of cars waiting to run was back to the hangers nearly a half mile.





I’m not typically a big fan of drag racing, but this event was different than most.  I was amazed of how close we able to get, you could feel the wind off the cars especially on the 200 mph passes by the finish line.  There seemed to be a lot of dust/dirt on the runway, which caused a lot of drivers to swap from slicks to R Comps.  The line seemed to move pretty fast, and the sponsors where granted several times through out the day to bypass the line.  This set up for a lot of excitement with lots of high mph passes back to back.





Dustin Hawks aka UGR HAWK took the overall win with a 219.5122, laying down 4 runs over the 215 mark. With 280 cars we don’t have time to go through all the cars, but I will highlight some of our favorites.  Full event results are available here.



John Couchell (Black M3) and Jimmy Bacogeorge (Silver M3) put down a 168.5393 and a 165.5629, in their CES Motorsports powered E36s, unfortunately some minor issues and fog rolling in around lunch time cut their day short from shooting for a 170 mph pass.


Casey Cutsail in his Niced Up Motorsports built Supra, layed down a 191.9795, CJ from Niced Up said they have much more action at FL2K14.


Brian Spachman and TopSpeed Motorsports broke 200 mph in his built Alpha 12 GT-R, we where told he has been trying for some time now to break the 200 mph mark and finally was able to get it all together in just two time runs.


Olivier Benloulou and OB Prestige Auto put down 216.972 and 215.5172 with these two Heffner powered Gallardos.  These guys also saved us, after a coupler issue on one of the E36s.


MTI brought out a Camaro test vehicle, it seemed like the sequential transmission they where testing may of had some issues that prevented them from getting a clean pass.


Mike Bramati C6 TT Vengeance Racing Corvette put down a 203.0686 as one of the last runs on Saturday.


Next event is at Jumbolair Airport in Ocala, FL January 24th and 25th. You can check out the full gallery from the event on flickr.