Some of you may recognize tan’s audi s4 from meets like sowo and h20i, but for those of you who dont, here is Tan Gunes’ beautiful 2011 Audi S4. I happened to be shooting an Infinity g35 and walked passed Tan and a couple of his buddies that were having coffee at a local shop. At the time I had no idea who Tan was or that he was sitting right behind me as I was snapping a few shots of his s4. I had never seen it around before, it was so bright and eye catching, I couldnt just walk by it. When I got home, I posted a few pictures online and sure enough someone had tagged him, I knew right then and there I had to setup a private shoot with him.


I got in contact with Tan and we setup a shoot, he was really easy to work with and very cooperative. On his only day off he drove over an hour to meet up, I was shocked, not a lot of people are willing to do that. I was actually walking my dog when i came home to a beautiful s4 parked in my driveway. I grabbed my camera and we were off.


First came the rollers, for a few of them I ended up sitting in the trunk of an ek coupe on a private road, not the most comfortable place to take pictures! On the positive side I was right in front of him and that ROC intake sounded mean, nice and throaty!


After the rollers we had pulled up to the first location, I was asking him to “air out” as a family was walking by. I noticed a man looking at me with a weird expression on his face, I thought to myself that it was either the fact i was in the middle of the street or that he had no idea what that possibly meant. As Tan dropped his Audi to the ground the man was actually stopped and jaw dropped at this point in time, with his family slowly evading him he shot me a “two thumbs up” and quickly hurried back to his family, with a couple look backs included.


Using the accuair elevel management, Tan was able to drop it all the way to a tuck over his HRE 542’s (20×10 all around) He really nailed it with the airlift performance setup, it was really smooth and quiet. The ride was really nice as well, really comfortable and convienant. With the help from Derick from d2ind and his good friend Mike G, they were able to run a custom hardline trunk setup and run the piping for his custom catback exhaust, amongst a few other things. Other than that all work has been done by Tan himself for the most part.


The Forge Motorsport Big Break Kit really fit nicely up front with the HRE’s, really looked amzing and performed even better. The back was being stopped by a set of Adam rotors, he also did a 034 stud conversion.


The exterior was done to perfection, nice and simple. The Caractere trunk spoiler had an OEM feel but looked very classy at the same time. He installed an stvbek front lip, an rs4 grill, blacked out the trim and added the shaved s-line rear valance. The Ecode headlights had a really nice finish to them and were subtle but a very nice choice. Everything fit together seemlessly.


All in all, shooting with Tan was a blast, he was a really nice guy and super chill, if you see him at a local meet be sure to stop by and say what’s up! He would like to thank Derick and Mike for all thier help, it is really much appreciated and I’d like to thank him again for taking the time out to meet up and shoot, i couldn’t be more appreciative. I’d also like to thank Ravi and Versiontwo Laboratory for yet, another opportunity to shoot some more coverage for them.


& Here are a few more pictures from the shoot:





Thank you for reading!
Words & Photos by Mike Stern – Sterno Photography