Twice a year we attend the Surf Expo at the Orlando Convention Center to catch up on the newest Skateboarding, Surfing, and Beach lifestyle products and clothing. As usual, being a skateboarder all my life – my first stop was at the skateboarding-street course. It’s always amazing to see how far the skate demo has come over the years and the progression of skateboarding as a whole.





Everyone was killing the rail. Frontside NoseSlide & Crooked Grind above.



Stopped by Rayne & Bustin to see their new longboarding gear. Ke$ha or Die.


Art goes hand in hand with the Surf Scene and we got to check out some of the new pieces drawn and even carved into skate-decks. The sugar skulls above really caught my girlfriends eye, who rushed over to snap these photos.



The detail in these pieces were incredible. I had never seen a carved skateboard like these until today; some of them even had 3d elements added on to create the full effect.


While browsing around we noticed a few Hook-Up’s skateboards. I personally hadn’t seen a Hook-Up’s skateboard in almost 10 plus years.


Speaking of things I hadn’t seen in a long time; Vision Skateboards/Streetwear has made a return and they’re bringing back a lot of their retro shoe designs and boards.


Of course no Surf Expo coverage would be complete without us visiting some of the Bikini models.


I walked around the display/stage to snap a closer photo of the girl on the left; but right as she made eye contact with me, she turned around – So I can only imagine she wanted me to take a picture of her butt.


Chica Rica girls.



The girls on stage at the Heat Booth.


There were even a few cars/trucks on display the Expo – Spot the Moon-Eyes.



Every so often we come across a booth with really cool, innovative products. Proof Handmade Eyewear had just that; Very cool, well put together wooden sunglasses and frames. All of their marketing materials were awesome too; including their very unique business card (sorry no picture of it). Check them out at :


Onward to the Spy Booth were we stopped in to pick up their 2014 catalog – Spy always has a huge display and tons of people circling their booth all day long.


We made a quick stop at Electric to see their new stuff – they’ve expanded their brand and are now producing helmets, glasses (including snowboarding goggles), phone cases, belts, clothing, and more.


I just thought I’d throw this in there; I had no idea BIC (you know the pen company?) made surf boards.


The Bolt Surfboard display was very colorful (but my Black and white editorial kind of defeats the purpose) check out the full color photos link below to get real feel for their display.


Hang10 Sunscreen by Coola had their high performance sun screen on display. I personally only wear sunscreen when I am going to big outdoor race/show events but based on the costumer service alone from Coola/Hang10; I’d recommend it to everyone.



Check out the full gallery (of colored photos) by Clicking Here
(All of the photos in the Gallery are un-edited photos – Just watermarked)

And We’re Out.