In the car world, people look forward to different car shows every year. In Virginia, Sumospeed’s Springfest is the most anticipated show ever. Springfest just gets better and better every year, this past weekend, they held their 5th event at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. With different vendors everywhere, an on site Dyno, good food and live music, this meet was dope. People drove all over the east coast, for hours and hours just to attend this event and it seems it was worth it. Car clubs were showing off their awesome rides and shops from all over were showcasing their most recent builds. A weekend long, the cops were out in full force from another event at Oceanside coming down hard on people and writing citations, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a great time.


Beautiful X accented with Tiffany.



Stephen Knoop’s V8 Powered 240sx on Sempek wheels.


One incredibly Clean four door Civic.


You don’t see many of these pop up; but when they’re done right, they’re done right. G-Sedan.



The widebody or fender flared S2000 trend is growing.



An aggressive fit to an aggressive FWD car.


BMW guys starting to get into the flare game too.

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Photos by Tahjee Wallace
Words by Tahjee Wallace & Ravi Angard.