Our total Southern Worthersee Coverage Presented by: BC Racing NA is now Live. If you have never attended a SOWO Event, you’re much like me – living vicariously through the stories and photos of your friends. This time Garrett Wade (of V2) and Cody Slack (of BC Racing) headed up to Georgia for the weekend to attend what is one of the biggest euro-car based parties/car events period (or at least State-Side). The article Matt Jones wrote for Speedhunters (click here) details a bit more of the party side of things a bit more – we have more of just snap shots of the cars from around town and at the show. Check out the coverage and enjoy! I’ll definitely be making a trip next year.



A couple Classic Bugs.


Along with the Classics – there was this Wagon; You don’t see many old dubs show up – but when they do – they’re always an interesting sight.


This dumped, older Mercedes was turning heads too.


Back on the strip – tons and tons of people just everywhere watching the cars pass by.


Of course with any Euro-Event there are tons of beautiful, shiny, wheels – Brada’s on the left Work Equips on the right.


Another very clean Audi.


One of my favorite Dapper cars, on scene.


Always awesome to see in a scene, dominated by ‘wheel fitment’ and ‘stance’ – there are still some performance enthusiasts littered in.


One of the more talked about builds of the weekend; not specifically for the car – but for the bagged trailer it was sitting on top of.


Gti’s across the generations – all very well put together.


Closing out the coverage with this GOLD wrapped CC.

For the rest of our photos (entire gallery) un-edited – Check out that out here: Sowo Gallery.