SEMA 2013, The Year of Liberty Walk. I shot over 1700 photos from this years event, and as I was selecting photos to put this article together with I couldn’t believe how many Liberty Walk wide-bodied cars there were on-site. I honestly was not expecting to like them as much as I did, but I was over-whelmed by how nice all of the cars were put together. Pictured above is the Liberty Walk 458 Italia that circulated the internet a week or so before the actual SEMA Event, and the buzz from social media online created such a strong need for fans to see it in person. The Nissan GTR pictured below is another one of The Liberty Walk creations; The original render to this car created such a slew of mixed reviews; everything from the most positive to the most negative. But on-sight, the GTR received nothing but the highest praise and tons of love for it’s styling and wheel fitment. Followed by the two cars featured in the NITTO Tires booth; there were a slew of wide-body BMW’s littered through out the show sporting Liberty Walk kits also.






The Rays Engineering booth boasted their new technology in their design to help fight casting and counterfeiting companies from copying their wheels exactly. The colors also released from Rays/Mackin Industries on their GramLights line looked great in their new metallic finishes. Also the new RT (rigid) Volks were on display in the booth as well sporting the new “Anti-Counterfeiting” etchings and cuts.




As we made our way into the Wheels Hall, It became very obvious that we had reached the mecca of beautiful models; from the well known girls to instagram celebrities. Almost every booth on display had a big name signing autographs, handing out posters, or even just holding up catalogs. Falken Tires is always one of the first stops; as their booth is almost always directly at the front (first thing you see) as you enter the Wheel Hall. We also received a really neat die-cut set of their race Porsche. As you journey on through, Concept One, Strada Wheels, Vossen Wheels, and just about every booth down the list had models representing for them. I decided to stop off and talk to our friends from Vossen Wheels; They had Justene & Dawn Jaro representing them (they were incredibly nice too). After that we (myself & my girlfriend Nalanie) went back on our way searching for crazy builds and cool cars to take pictures of.







There were an incredible amount of drool-worthy builds at SEMA; this custom FedEX truck drew in huge crowds all week long. Another very popular car out during the week was Elvis’ from StanceNation Lexus LS; It’s one of those cars you’ve always seen on the internet – but to really grasp the detail and beauty of the build, you just have to see it in person (& his tail lights were awesome also – full LED with moving patterns). Even after three full days of walking around the show (at SEMA); I didn’t realize the extent of how many cars we had missed (or just didn’t see) until the end of the show’s parade (Friday Evening). Me and Nalanie stood on the road side and snapped photos for a solid two hours (literally a thousand cars or more cars) and watched as all the beautiful builds rolled by (& you can’t fully appreciate a build until you see it driving).







As SEMA wrapped up; there was only one thing left to share from SEMA that we all seemed to truly appreciate; The view from our room! This was the view from our balcony (through Garrett’s Fish-Eye Lens) – hopefully we get a cool view next year too!


Full Gallery by Myself & Nalanie – Over 1500 photos posted into categories.