RedBull BC One at Full Sail Live – Break Dancing Solo & Crew Battles is a new event put together by RedBull and The Bboy Spot/Biggest&Baddest clothing. The event had such a chill, laid back vibe that everyone who attended had a great time. There was also so much talent in the room it was hard not to be in awe the entire time. I highlight a bit of the event in the post – but at the end there is a full gallery for a ton more photos. Also I have included the two finals videos in the post – the 1v1 battle & the crew battle – Check them out below!


The RedBull MTX truck brought the party to the parking lot – but for the most part, everyone remained inside (Due to the sky looking like it was going to let loose and pour (rain).


Back inside as the event – getting things started, all of the solo bboys were introduced as a group before the battles begun.


And the dancing begun.


Lots of crazy spins, freezes, and power moves went down real early on.


There there was an intermission; but during that time – tons of smaller cyphers broke out and all of the bboys & bgirls from the crowd started to dance.



Fusik provided live break beats for the intermission for people to dance to.


After the intermission there was a 3 on 3 crew battle; I have the “final battle” recorded and posted right below between crews: Sons of Shaolin & Main Backyard 180


After that we were back to the solo battles – were everyone battled – even some friends –


and there is always tons of respect shown after each battle; even if the action gets heated and intense.


A few real cool tricks went down – one pictured above is a guy doing a headspin while taking off his jacket.


During the final break Madd Illz & Rubox performed a live freestyle set.


And then it was time for the final battle between Tung Fu (right) & Jose (left) – below is the video of the full battle:


Tung Fu was declared the winner.

For more pictures & to view the Full Gallery: Click Here

Photos by Myself & Nalanie