I didn’t have a chance to stay very long at this event because I had to go meet a friend of mine visiting from out of town, but I did manage to snag a few shots and a video of Pat & Alec tandeming to put together some event coverage. As always a lot of awesome driving went down and everyone had a great day. Check out the photos here on the post and the full gallery link at the bottom.

Pat Goodin & Alec Hohnadell of Enjuku Racing; Video from inside Pat’s car.


Pat and Alec exiting the track.


Another 240 repping for Enjuku Racing.


Two Matching (S14 & S13) S-Chassis Cars going head to head.


Beautiful cars as always on site – this one from the WeDrift crew.


Random shot from the Pits.


240Sx representing for Stage 6.


Closing out with this image – Check out our full gallery to see all the photos I shot : Click Here.