This passed weekend was Nurotag’s flagship show in Miami, Florida hosted by model Nicole Mejia. The show is heavily supported by the Wheel industry that resides in Miami; so if you’re in attendance you’re bound to see some luxury rides on expensive wheels. Vossen Wheels, Adv1 Wheels, and Strasse Forged Wheels dominated the show with their local followings making up over 60% of the show. But that didn’t stop the South Florida crews from putting on a show though and taking home trophies.

As with every event, as the events expand and get bigger, there are bound to be more and more people that want to act out for attention or do stupid things. One of those people showed up to Nurotag and almost ruined the show for everyone; revving and backfiring large flames causing the sprinkler-system to trigger and rain down on all the cars and almost getting the show shut down by Police. Fortunately once that fiasco was over the show resumed and flowed through without any more incidents.



Slim’s RSX Bay – Always a crowd pleaser.


Two very clean Honda’s on display.


Slammered INC. out representing.


Another beautiful Matte wrapped vehicle on display.


Host Nicole Mejia and the FuckFakeParts’ S2000.


R34 reppin’ Precision-Sport Industries of Orlando, Florida.


Tiffany Blue Widebody Evo on display.


In the spirit of Art-Basel they had live painting on a Volkswagen Jetta-Wagon.


V2lab’s sponsored – Will Stern’s Beard Project Focus ST on Gold ADV1 Wheels.


Full Gallery of all the (unedited) Images & Photos Taken at Nurotag by Troy • Click Here

Photography by Troy Huynh, Layout / Retouching by Ravi Angard.