Just got back from Import Alliance spring meet which this year was held at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. I remember previous years this event being held in a parking garage in, then it moved to the parking lot at Turner Field, before it was moved to the infield of the Atlanta Motor speedway in 2013. Back in 2013, the attendance expected was around 3000 cars. This year, the expected turnout was nearly 6000 cars and the event grew to two days. I thought making this a two day event was good because it gave a chance for the people traveling greater distances like Chicago, Wisconsin and Canada a chance to re-group before heading back home. Plus, it give opportunity for Friday and Saturday night meets. If you have not been to this event, I suggest you make the pilgrimage at least once. It is considered one of the largest ones on the East Coast. After you go, if you are not hooked, I would be surprised. I personally have been to at least 4 of these events from Tennessee to Charolotte NC to now Atlanta and have enjoyed them all. With that many cars in attendance, there is going to be a variety of levels of builds, that is just to be expected, and seeing that many cars modified to some degree can be overwhelming. Atlanta’s weather for the Spring Meet this year was temperamental, with sprinkles, cloudy skies and the sun peeking out occasionally on Saturday and a Sunny but chilly Sunday. Too chilly for this Florida boy who only brought T-shirts and shorts. Here are some pictures of the event through my eyes. Now that I am back, I wish I would have taken more pictures. I unfortunately was not able to scour all the lots and see every car, and now I wish I did, but I did see some in the outfields that were going in the right direction and cannot wait to see where they are at the next meet. Next Import Alliance is the summer meet in Kentucky.

Words & Photos by: John Perez


Custom widebody WRX.


Riding into the meet – one of the most talked-about Miata’s of Import Alliance. #MeGusta


Team V2lab’s EF Sedan recently featured in Honda Tuning magazine.


What looks like two “stupid” Evos.


Lots of incredibly clean K-swapped Honda’s in attendance.


A couple Florida locals relaxing after the long drive up. (Also sitting in a K-swapped, Turbo CRX).



The VIP Scene is finally making an impact on the East Coast – here is a great example of a VIP styled big body Lexus.


Brada wheels making an appearance on this beautiful 240sx.


Closing the coverage with a couple clean Integras.

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