This year Formula Drift takes on their 11th year and we wanted to start it off by announcing we are sponsoring Pat Goodin this season. We did some media and marketing work for him before the season began and we want to congratulate him on doing awesome in the first event of the season. The Long Beach event really creates a momentum for the season and all of the Florida drivers did awesome and we can’t wait for the rest of the season to take it’s course.

Formula Drift Long Beach is always the first stop for the FD tour. It is becoming an iconic start to a great series and this year is no different than others. The event started with everyone scrambling to get their cars together for the practice runs and media day; which lead to a few little wrecks during test and tune. But the event went on and the competition was fierce; and as the event grows and matures the competition will only get more intense.


Michael Essa, the defending champ placed 3rd at Long Beach as Chris Forsberg bested him in this round.


Ryan Tuerck took a nasty hit during media-day by Odi. Ryan still got it together and put on a show while competing.


Kenny “Fast Kenny” Meon struggled all last year in his 350Z to podium; this year he returned to Formula D with a vengeance in an S14. He pulled off a first round, 2nd place win; It seems he’s adapting to the S14 and driving really well. He’ll be one of the drivers to watch this season.


In contention for Rookie of the Year, Alec Hohnadell representing Enjuku Racing threw down and qualified for Top 32 at his first ever FD event.


Falken Team Battle.


Fan favorite Diago in his SC putting on a smoke show.


The media crew is some what of a big extended family. Over the seasons people get to know each other and create lasting friendships – Formula Drift is the forum in which a lot of these motorsports photographers get together and really just shoot it out with one another. Last year Garrett Wade started the FD Gram Challenge; where the photographers of FD started trying to do iPhone panning shots competition posted to Instagram.







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Photography by Brendan Bannister of Third World Society