Kings Performance set out Saturday for a private test and tune session at Orlando Speedworld. They are currently chasing the record for the World’s Fastest Mitsubishi Evolution. The current record is held in New Zealand by an Evo running 8.30s. The Fastest Evo in the United States is still currently held by AMS Performance at 8.42 at 168.7mph; The Kings Performance/Procco Evo is currently at 8.43 @ 172mph. That’s right one-hundredth of a second off the US Record. The Kings Performance/Procco Evo has the Mile Per Hour and the 60 foot times to break the record now all they need is the perfect run for everything to fall in to place. Saturday however, the record was not broken – just the intercooler. As everything falls into place, it is only a matter of time before the Procco Evo returns to the track to claim it’s thrown as the King.


Tariq’s GTR below outfitted with a KP1000 Package from Kings Performance. Tariq’s GTR ran low 9s and by the end of the day, they reached the limit of the tire on low-boost. The car will go 8s in the near future on a different tire setup – time’s coming soon!).



My Evo likes to make guest appearances in these posts. 🙂


Wheelies & S2000’s go hand in hand. This particular Kings Performance built S2000 stood up three times during a single pass but ended up breaking a charge-pipe before the end of the tuning session (which is what they are fixing in the photo below). The best pass for the day was 9.2 – which was it’s first run for the day.



Turns out Kings Performance wasn’t the only one chasing a record today; MPT’s EcoBoost truck now holds the record for World’s fastest EcoBoost Truck. The Truck went 12.80 on water/meth and 12.53 @ 108.83 with a 75hp dry shot. The Truck still has a full interior and is daily driven too (by the owner of MPT’s Wife). Just a little more info on the modifications of the truck – It’s a SuperCrew, 2WD with 3.55 gears, AEM Water/Meth, 75 shot of Nitrous, Custom MPT tune, Wagner Intercooler, AFE Stage 2 Intake, Mak 3″ Catless Y-Pipe to a Magnaflow catback, 170 degree thermostat, Cal-tracs traction bars and Mickey Thompson drag radials wrapped around stock wheels. If you’re interested in learning more or want to have your truck modified – check out –


Here is a video of one of the Kings Performance/Procco Evo runs & the Flame throwing Jet-Car run (Female Driven). Evo went 8.57 @ 172 (with a 1.4 60ft.) & the Jet-Car went 5.8 @ 241 (best was 5.5 (1/4 mile) – that I saw).