First day of CES, first year attending. One word for day uno – Meetings. We didn’t even have a chance to eat lunch today due to the sheer amount of clients and suppliers we needed to meet. My day job consists of me working for a manufacturing company based out of China, but i get to work remotely in California & travel where im needed.  Enough about that though, you came here to see cool new tech stuff right? I escaped normal responsibility for about an hour at the end of the day and this is what I was able to cover.

The first booth I visited was Mercedes-Benz, partially because I’m a huge Mercedes fan, but also because the three-pointed star booth was one of the largest setups in the south hall and impossible to miss.


The main attraction was Daimler’s pre-production S class coupe. A gorgeous machine, oozing luxury with amazing lines, and seamless form from the A-pillar back. The brilliant silver color with minimal chrome accents was a great choice to evoke the cars unique design under the convention centers lighting.


As much as I love this new version of the companies flagship luxury machine, I cant help but feel like the S coupe is much too similar to BMW’s new 7 series gran coupe from certain angles. Specifically the rear. Nonetheless i’m sure the full production model will stand apart.

After Mercedes I weaved my way around the crowds to Audi’s “booth”. Slightly more extravagant than their german counterparts, though smaller in square footage, the boys from Ingolstadt felt the need to build a fully enclosed structure to give the feeling of a individual showroom inside the convention center.


The Sport Quattro Laserlight Concept can stand its own without any commentary from me.


Even with over 500hp under the hood of the S8, I have to say I would rather be driven around in this autobahn battleship.


I will miss the angular headlights from previous years though.


Standing apart from the luxury German heavy hitters, Toyota’s trump card is their new hydrogen powered FCV concept. My first though was a re skinned prius with a new power plant, because lets be honest thats what it is. After spending more time around the car and hearing about what the Toyota reps had to say, I learned that the FCV is more than just another alternative fuel vehicle.


The car has a 310 mile range and only takes 3 minutes to refuel with hydrogen, not bad right? Get this, you can also power your house for up to a week if you and PG&E have a bad breakup.


I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for these in California in the next couple of years, as Toyota has said Cali will be the only state the new hydrogen powered car will be offered in initially. (Just like the Honda FCX Clarity)


Here are a few other shots I grabbed around the show floor before leaving for dinner. The Kia KND7 concept looked great with its suicide doors and sporty hatch styling but I didnt stop to ask any of the Kia reps about the car.




The Hoonigan – Ken Block.


Closing out with the back end of the Cover Viper.