This past weekend I attended an event called CEO Gaming with my girlfriend Nalanie. Nalanie took almost all of these photos while I was busy watching or playing random games. There event was based entirely around popular fighting games such as Injustice, Super Smash Brothers, Soul Caliber, Killer Instinct, Street Fighter, and more. There were tons of professional gamers in attendance and people from all over the country came out to compete. The tournament lasted 3 days started Friday afternoon and ended on Sunday Evening. The three days were filled with great fights, tons of hype, and generally just lots of gaming. Everyone I met at the event was super nice and willing to play or even just share knowledge of the games on how to get better at them. I would recommend anyone who is interested in fighting games next year to attend this event. Anyways check out our mini-coverage below!


CEO also followed a strict theme of general fighting events; The WWE style belt, A boxing ring for the main stage, and a cage match for the less popular games of the event.


Zerk; as Balrog from Street Fighter – landed best costume of the event winning 1st place on the main stage.



A couple more cosplayers; Luigi pulled out a bunch of props to go along with his outfit.


I’m going to take a guess on this one; Zombie Wilfred, Spiderman..?


Aside from the Cosplay group; A few famous gamers were in the building too – Here we got a snap of Justin Wong.


One of the Cage Matches for the finals of Injustice. I am not to familiar with Injustice but there was a ton of hype at the finals.


Tons of casual games went down with regular-joes and pros.


The finals for Killer Instinct came down to two Evil Genius’ Players – Justin Wong & PR Balrog.



Justin Wong ultimately won the Killer Instinct Tournament. In the background you can see internet-personality Maximilian_Dood, whom was doing commentary on the whole KI Tournament for the Live-Stream.


Sunday rolled around and there were some casual-games between pros and regular fans going down in the Killer Instinct Section. You can see Max up front playing and Rico on the far end.


As a closing photo – I just want people to see how many people were in attendance for the Smash Brothers finals!

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