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Formula Drift – Atlanta – Slammed Society (Fatlace)

As we get into our Formula Drift coverage we always start at the car show portion of the event passing through the paddock in to the Fatlace Slammed Society Showcase of Atlanta’s finest. And as always Georgia put on a show for us.

A couple of beautiful Bimmer’s out in […]

Clean Culture x Import Expo – Part 3

This is the last part of the Clean Culture Coverage; I know some of the pictures ain’t fully in focus or focused right – but I was live streaming on facebook with my right hand – trying to snap with an SLR one handed. At the next event I […]

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Clean Culture x Import Expo – Part 2

Here is the second set of the photos from this weekend (one more part to go) – if you want to follow or tag me on Instagram my username is @V2lab. More coming soon. Sorry if any blurry photos slipped in there.

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Clean Culture x Import Expo – Part 1

After the pre-meet everyone was super hyped for the Clean Culture x Import Expo show at the Orange County Convention Center. All the car-show participants filtered into the lots around 7am where they were greeted with a few hiccups with roll in times and organization. After about two hours […]

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Clean Culture – Pre-Meet

First stop in Orlando for the Clean Culture – Import Expo weekend was at Artegon Mall on i-Drive. It was a solid meet, lots of cool cars with a good turn out, and a lot of out of town faces. Sunday (April 24th) is the main event at the […]

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Quickie: Ferrari 330

I attended Festivals of Speed a few weekends back, and as the sun was rising over the park in St. Petersburg, I came across an absolutely stunning Ferrari 330 GT 2+2. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves, but this is what happens when a car enthusiast has deep […]

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Funk Fashion Presents: Auto Combine 2016

The first of the Florida Big Meets this year – The Auto Combine in Jacksonville presented by Funk Fashion. With anything Florida related there was a huge chance of the weather screwing everything up and risking it all the show still went forward. Early in the morning there were […]

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The Way Things Were…

Let me harken back to a simpler time in automotive history. Lets go all the way back in fact to 1967. 

In 1967, the Canadian-American Challenge Cup (Can-Am) was the race series to watch (other than NASCAR of course) and one of the most beautiful cars screaming down the raceway […]

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Import Alliance – Spring (2016) Meet (Part 2)

Event Coverage Continued.

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