Every year we try to hit up the Surf Expo to see what’s new and what’s trending in the Surf/Skate fashion industries (Along with checking out some good skateboarding). We made our way around what appeared to be one of the best Surf Expo’s we’ve attended in the last three years. Anyways before I ramble to long – lets get to the photos:

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Polar Basics having some fun at the show – Showcasing their Towels & other lines.

Big Celebrities at the show – This lil dude drew in the crowds all day.

GO PRO! GO PRO! GO PRO! I never win anything :(

Captain Fins; Immediately reminded me of all the car schemes of 2010(?)

SOL REPUBLIC Headphones – Debuting some of their new line ; with removable speakers – definitely a very cool innovation along with the super flexible bands.

Not sure who’s booth this was – but I did like their use of Ikea brand furniture, painted artistically to build up their display.

Very dope bookbag designs via SandBox Metro.

GoldCoast Longboards always have some of the cleanest designs of the whole Expo.

And these dudes were getting down right beside the GoldCoast booth.

Nixon new line, looking real good for the new season; and clean display set ups.

This dude stole the show (in the Skate area from Lucky Scooters), doing flips, tail whips, and insane tricks.

Big Shifty.

Little dude, Gettin’ Rowdy.

Huge Acid Drop from above.

These two guys; launching out of the bank/set up to a quick tap.

Always showin’ love to the new stuff from Emerica.

IVI Vision‘s new collaboration products from Dyrdek & Fox.

If you missed the link above; Check out the Full Gallery.