At first glance you think you are looking at yet another stock body 5.0 that a 50 year old going through a midlife crisis decided to pick up and cheaply mod to make it slightly “unique”. Hence me saying “at first glance”. This 2011 Ford Mustang GT would be insulted to be associated with what I suggested above. The owner chose to keep it looking rather modest, but looks can be deceiving. Under the hood this pony boasts a Vortec supercharger and Magnaflow exhaust components that produce a stunning 642whp & 529tq at 10psi. Keeping all of those anxious horses firmly planted are some rather meaty radials wrapped around Weld wheels. Interior additions are sweet and subtle with barely anything more than a boost gauge which generally shows the pilot somewhere around 10psi. All of that being said its not a wonder that this beast gives Corvettes a run for their money along with its GT500 cousins. We are excited to see where this car progresses in the future and we tip our hats to King’s Performance on this awesome build!






Words by : Morgan Wilson
Photos by : Ravi Angard