Jose Ventura, the mastermind behind JOVE BEATS, has just released his latest work to us. An 8 track instrumental beat-tape titled “Jove Beats Presents: One Way EP.” 


Intended to be just a side project, Jove Beats has put together a solid, perfectly flowing set of “Trap Beats”, now heard in most of today’s music. Straying from his typical mix of classic hip hop, trap, dubstep, pop, house, etc., Jove had this to tell us here at East Coast As Fuck. “I wanted to take a different direction this time, steer away from the boom-bap sound and show the world what I’m capable of.”


Two of my personal favorites are “King Midas,” a bass heavy, up tempo beat with a very Rick Ross style vibe, and “Platinum,” a very catchy, melodic mix of synthesizer like sounds and snares.


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