East meeting west is nothing new. In practice, it usually meant imperalist Europeans pillaging and lording over the industrious and hardworking people of many asian countries. Clearly regrettable, this new form of cultural integration is something I think we can all get behind.

IND, home to some of the cleanest and most aggressive late-model BMW builds out there, brings us this latest E92 creation. Starting with a heart of bavarian brawn, the car received an ESS supercharger, Brembo big brake kit, and a nearly-unobtanium Akrapovic exhaust.

DRV_4473 copy


All of this is fine and dandy but its all European! So where does the eastern influence appear. Well, this M3 sports a classic set of shoes in the form of 18″ Volk TE37SL’s wrapped with Falken tires in a 275/315 section tire; some seriously meaty rubbers for a stock body E92. These are the sort of wheels you would normally expect to see adorning an Evo or perhaps some 240sx owner with a bit of money to blow. You don’t expect to see them on, what many regard as, the pinnacle of European RWD driving. This theme further extends to the rear with the Yaris CF diffuser which one would normally expect to see on the rear of some fire-breathing Time Attack car.

But you know what? It works. This car proves that stepping outside the normal boundaries for modifying your car can pay off in a big way.




Mod List :

ESS VT2-600 Super Charger kit
18 inch Volk TE37SL wheels with Falken 275/315 width tires
Varis CF diffuser
Akrapovic Exhaust system with CF tips
Brembo BBK
Vorsteiner GT3 bumper

Words by Tyler Anastasi
Photo by Johan Lee
Johan Lee Photography (on Facebook)
Driven Media

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