When Volkswagen first introduced the R32 for the 2004 model year, it was a car aimed at owners who wanted the functionality of a hatchback (like was found in the GTI) but with the addition of Haldex AWD and a more powerful VR6 engine.


It was marketed as something to be used for performance-oriented driving. As the aftermarket community began to produce parts for the car, that is the direction most of them went. Turbo and supercharger kits were a plenty and the idea of putting one on air-ride was completely out the question.



Well, while that mold has been broken for a few years, it’s something that still causes issues within the community. Nevertheless, Patrick Shaughnessy and Mat Cajka have produced the two VR-powered beauties you see here. While only one of these cars lives on (and I will get to that), I had the pleasure of grabbing shooting these two cars with in Ocean City, MD right after indulging our need for burritos at Chipotle.

Let’s start with Pat’s Deep Blue Pearl example. You’ve undoubtedly seen this car in one of it’s many stages at some point. While he only changed a few things (more shaved goodness and some fresh paint) prior to H2Oi, this is just one of those cars you have to stop and admire. Working as the East Coast representative for VIP Modular, Pat had a set of VSX-110′s made up in specs most MK4 owners can dream of fitting. Fully chromed with with pink hardware, these wheels measure in at 18×9.5 et22 and 18×10.5 et 17. With the help of some camber that all R owners get to enjoy, fender-on-lip fitment is achieved without issue. Much to the chagrin of many, this car is brought closer to mother earth by way of Bagyard and Airlift bags all controlled with Switch Speed Management.



The exterior of this car is brought to life with OEM Euro bumpers, stubby mirrors, OEM hid’s, and a whole host of shaved elements including the hatch and sidemarkers. Some of the most recent work was the addition of half-cup door handles and a few other body work touches. All of this goes to further exemplify the classic design of the Mk4 R32. I could go on, but check the bottom of this post for the full mod list!



Since this shoot, Pat has moved on from the Mk4 community. After a series of events, the .:R was parted out and he has since purchased a B7 S4 DTM Edition which you can surely expect will be getting a similar treatment in short order!



Figured I’d share how I most often see these two while at shows. Good times are always had.



Now we must move on to the dark horse of this duo; Mat Cajka’s (good luck pronouncing it) Black Magic Pearl R32. Mat, as you can see, surely angers many purists with his R32, but the end result is something I think most can appreciate. Mat, too, decided the best course of action for his R was a good shave, deleting most everything he could (sans side rubstrips).


Mat fitted his car with a set of Work VSXX’s in a very similar 18×9 and 18×10 size. With the help of Airlift bags and Switchspeed management, he too has achieved the fitment that many dream of. I don’t just say this because he’s one of my friends, but Mat’s R has some of the best fitment in the game, as far as I’m concerned.



The best part about this car is that’s it’s not finished. You see, Mat has torn the car apart this winter in preparation for next year’s show season. What will you see? Well if I told you, that wouldn’t be any fun. But just using this stage of the car as comparison, you can be assured it’s going to be good! Stay tuned for more photos once the car is finished!




You will have to excuse the lack of detail and other shots contained within this feature. Due partly to shooting such pictures just slipping my mind, it was also due to a few files becoming corrupted much to my displeasure. Either way, you will see tons more from these two guys and myself in the future, so stay on the look out!


Pat’s Mod List

OEM hid headlights
OEM ocean tail lights
Fully shaved rear hatch
OEM euro rline rear bumper
Euro R stubby mirrors with blue glass and heated
Shaved side markers
Filled hood and front bumper
Shaved bumper markers
Shaved front bumper line
Badgeless grill
Boser Hood
Half door cups

Euro switch with rear fog
W8 console
Sparco Milano 2 seats (black suede)
Flush double din screen
R monster floor
Weicher Cage with an X brace
360mm Nardi Classic Steering wheel (brushed center, Leather Wrapped)

Custom exhaust with a res delete
GIAC 93 chip/tune
Evoms cold air intake
Short throw shifter

Bagyard Supreme Front Struts
Air lift Rear bags
Switch Speed Management
Digital Dakota Gauge

VIP Modular VXS-110
18×9.5et22 on 215/40
18×10.5et17 on 225/40

Lips- chrome
Hardware- hot

Mat’s Mod List

Shaved Hatch
Shaved Hood Notch

OEM Euro Bumpers
Boser hood
Full door cups filled

Grip Royal Wheel
NRG Quick Release

Airlift Bags
Accuair Switchspeed 
Fully Chromed