I was planning to do an elaborate full length “Year in Review” here for “v2lab” – but in reality; way to much stuff happened so I decided I would condense it down a bit. Hopefully some of the other guys will do 2012 recaps as well.

2012 was insane to say the least, I met tons of epic people from all over the industry that I have always wanted to meet, including one of the people that inspired me to do automotive photography in the first place, Steve Demmitt. On the opposite side, I also learned a lot of people who said they were “down” for “V2lab” were really just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. (We’ve since stopped dealing with them).


This photo above is from SEMA ’12 – Pretty much the entire automotive-photography industry in one photo.

I realized this year; That no matter how much you try to help people – there are people who aren’t willing to bend at all to help you, help them. I reached out to a few people (companies) in 2012 and basically pushed their exposure to our scene & culture, only to have them come back and spit in my face. (So with that being said and the negative out of the way; We will never deal with those companies/people again – on to more positive stuff!).

That being said – We threw one of the biggest, if not the biggest automotive event to happen in Central Florida (Orlando) in 2012 – The Mystery Meat in Downtown Orlando.


Photo via : Downshift Australia of our Mystery Meat


The fan page grew exponentially in 2012 and managed to surpass 117k fans (this was a huge team effort – from Anthony Varela and Dipz Gohil (who post the most – aside from myself), Garrett Wade, Jordan Donnelly, and now Tyler Anastasi posting through-out the day) – We’ve expanded our fan base across the world and on a regular basis we have close (and some times more than) a million views a week.


(photo by: Garrett Wade/V2)

In a random turn of events we had a studio and are in the process of expanding into a bigger one to suit our needs; (the landlord decided he needed 3x the rent and we decided it wasn’t worth it) So we decided to (that was the perfect time to) move out of our space in Winter Park, Florida. Of course with all bad comes the good news is – we are currently working on getting and found a new space for January 2013 – that is 3x bigger and has a full set up to house everything we need to progress in automotive commercial photography.

I released a few shirts – sold (100s of them.. but at the end of the day I want to re-do everything differently for 2013 and push to launch and function more as a brand).



I shot two of the most internet-controversial cars for RIDES Magazine in 2012. The King-ZL1 Gold Camaro (painted) and King Camaro (Chrome Wrapped).


I sold my 400+hp Jetta GLI and built a 500+hp EVO 8.



I started an E-zine project & ended it all in a 3 month span – Because I decided we were just taking away from our original blog and spreading the content to far out.


We as a company were super stoked to announce – Zen Garage was the first place to stock v2 merchandise internationally (in an active – storefront).

Also – most recently I finally upgraded my camera, and bought a Canon 6D.

I’m sure there is more to this – but I am just speaking from my perspective and what I can
remember off the top of my head today.


Me and My Girlfriend, Nalanie at the beach finishing up the last photoshoot of the year with a client for their website.


Annnnndddd last but not least – I finally got new business cards! (After 8 months of not having any!)


Hope you guys enjoy the new 2013 blog set up! and I leave you with this image of Andrew Link at the Halloween Party in Vegas!

Ravi Angard
Creative Director/Owner of the Versiontwo Laboratory.